“We cannot be beggars of the community”

It is imperative that all administrations go in the same direction without putting sticks in our wheels. To this end, it is essential for the development of all our municipalities that our provinces and towns are evaluated by different Administrations under the same prism of equal treatment and under the same initial conditions. This requires financing, which is far from sufficient. Javier Gutiérrez Martín, Deputy for Infrastructure and Municipal Aid to the Alicante Provincial Council, delivered his message at the forum so clearly that he underlined the role played by the provincial institution in all municipalities, especially the smallest ones. A direction in which he emphasizes that “the vehicles at the service of our municipalities are the soul of Diputación de Alicante”.

Gutiérrez Martín highlighted, among other things, the insufficient funding that the Provincial Assembly of Alicante has suffered over the years. «The average budget of the Mediterranean arc assemblies was 249 euros per person, while the Alicante Council was reduced to 145 euros per Alicante. A difference of more than 70% of underfunding. Alicante should have 470 million compared to the current 270 million. According to the MP, “a fact that depends on who turns the faucet on and off: largely the State and autonomous communities in their compensation”, he also argued, “if we can’t guarantee progress.” We do not set up the necessary investment bases so that we do not become ‘beggars’ of the Valencian Community». To follow the path of progress, the MP emphasized “the railway axis between Alicante-Elche, the true division of the CV 800 of Xixona, and the improvement of the historic railway line between Alcoy and Alcoy, not a third three-kilometer railway”. Final completion of the Coast Train and Mediterranean Corridor between Xàtiva, Valencia and Alicante, not in installments».

Source: Informacion


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