Aitana Mas closes wounds in Compromise and advocates not advancing elections

Six months after the regional elections, Aitana Mas, Consell’s vice president and spokesperson, is clear that the enemy is in the opposition. Much less at Compromís, not Botànic. Generalitat number two yesterday, in its first appearance in the debates organized by the European Forum, argued that the Valencian Government is united and in shape, dismissing problems because of leadership in the coalition (but keeping the door open for competition). as a presidential candidate).

Closing these internal wounds, Mas pointed to the right and accused the Valencia PP of making “irresponsible” opposition, as it “faced” identity issues such as language or water in the absence of his own ideas.

It is common for the vice president to act as a mediator in the Coalition Executive, and yesterday was no exception. Mas noted that while Botànic struck a “more than positive” balance between the two legislatures, Consell had “the rope for a while” and minimized the possibility of Ximo Puig running in the election, which is an extreme exaggeration. Valencia is provoking his PP. The leader of Compromís advocated their retention “the sooner the better”.

“We are a stable government that responds to the needs of the citizens. We are in no rush (to go to the election) because we are about to approve the eighth consecutive budget in time and form. Supported by three other Compromís ministers—Raquel Tamarit, Rafa Climent, and Isaura Navarro—Mas Botany is working and ready to be reprinted whenever it can,” said and Rosa Pérez (EUPV), as well as by Enric Morera, president of the Cortes.

The Alicante woman was equally accommodating on tax reform and now avoided a confrontation with the socialist wing, which wanted to go further and lower the Inheritance Tax for her family businesses; this is a point where there is no possible deal with Compromís and Unides. We can.

It also showed internal consistency in the face of the debate over the “yes is yes” law and the replacement of sedition, assuming arguments already defended on other occasions by the same spokesperson for Consell or Puig. Therefore, he stressed that the sexual freedom law was a “very good” law, and argued that during the sedition, the Government should be given time to decide whether the “interpretation” of the rule was “at the will of the legislator”. had a “positive” effect on the EU approval of fines.

But he spread this desire for reconciliation to his own coalition, refusing to have “any problem with leadership” in Compromís. In fact, Generalitat announced that he wished that Presidential MP and candidate Joan Baldoví would act as the opening act “to stage the harmony and good vibes” that prevailed internally at yesterday’s informative breakfast, but it was a trip. His departure to Brussels prevented him from attending.

Not excluded as a candidate

In any event, Mas was not excluded from the race to top the list of Commitments to Generalitat. “I didn’t start thinking, I have a lot of work to do as vice president, council member, spokesperson, mother… We have set a deadline until January to be able to choose, and until then I will stick to my work and focus on my efforts on the ministry”, researched before repeating his dislike of “personalism” .

However, PP and its leader, Carlos Mazón, changed his stance when asked about the “silent process” going on within the Community.

“When you have no ideas …” said the vice-president, who accused the PPCV chairman of beating up identity issues and fomenting an “irresponsible” electoral program in the context of the inflationary and climate crisis. We from Alicante know that language is an element of confrontation. I’ve seen something that belongs to everyone and is a source of pride, like being bilingual to divide and gain electoral gains, “Mas, again from Alicante, made Mazón ugly.

According to the spokesperson, tongue and water is the “jack, horse and king” of a PP with “all it offers in uncertain times is criticism and confrontation”. He also accused the popular of being “anti-political”, inciting the “demagogic” debate about salaries at Consell, especially when “Mazon demands more from presidents and consuls.”

Source: Informacion


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