PSPV condemns increase in Proaguas company’s budget to pay Miguel Ortiz

“The People’s Party, headed by Carlos Mazón, is costing citizens money because they have increased the country’s budget,” Toni Frances, spokesperson for the socialist group’s Alicante Provincial Assembly, said on Wednesday. proaguas To pay favors and public salaries to Zaplanistas like Miguel Ortiz”.

The socialist accused Mazón, saying he “emphasized his hypocrisy when criticizing the salary increase implemented by the PP president”. generalitat to all employees in general, while earning more than Council members and is the highest paid chairperson of our Community’s councils. Also, while criticizing the salary of Consell de Ximo Puig’s temporary staff, the tagging of Miguel Ortiz and Diputación will cost 80,000 euros,” he said.

plenary meeting

Next Friday, the extraordinary general meeting of the Costa Blanca City Water Company was called: Proaguas CostablancaSA, in the plenary hall of the Palacio de la Diputación, with the approval of the Company Budget for fiscal year 2023 and the Annual Actions, Investments and Financing Program on the agenda.

According to the statement made by the socialist group, CommitteeIn the budget project submitted to the General Assembly of the Board corresponding to the year 2023, it is seen that the item “wages and salaries” in the personnel expenses section has reached 1,750,000 Euros. It was 1,535,000 euros in the 2022 fiscal year, which represents an increase of 215,000 euros, including the salary of the new manager.

“It would undoubtedly be good news if the increase in personnel loans was due to the increase in the number of human resources of the company or the increase in wages, but we know that in this case, the real increase is for payment. executive salaryThe statement continues, “Payment to Miguel Ortiz, the former provincial head of the PP, who lacks the technical profile that characterizes the management of an organization like Proaguas and was appointed in disregard of the constitutional principles of equality, merit and competence”.

Also, provincial MP Oscar Mengual explained socialist group He will vote against this increase on the grounds that “We will not participate in the use of PP’s beach bars, public institutions, organizations and companies for their private interests”.


“We will not tolerate the darker side of the PP, its stifling Zaplanism and positive treatment costing the people of Alicante dearly,” Francés said.

Both PSPV and Compromís have been denouncing transparency for months during Ortiz’s appointment as director of Proaguas. “The popular ones are planning to name names eight months after the election and for a period of 5 years. Former provincial head of CHPToni Frances, the socialist spokesperson at the provincial institution, laments. The PSOE considers Ortiz to lack the technical profile that characterizes the management of an organization like Proaguas, which is vacant in the next year’s legislature.

Source: Informacion


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