Undersecretary of Agriculture resigns after Mireia Molla’s dismissal

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transformation, Alfons Puncel announced on social networks that he will leave his post until this Tuesday, hours after the dismissal of Mireia Mollà, the head of this division.and criticism of “self-made excuses” for this dismissal. As he underlined, he resigns for “personal reasons” because he understands that politics is “a personal matter”.

In his farewell, Puncel points out that he left Mireia Mollà not “out of an unwavering commitment” but “for ethical and aesthetic reasons”: “Ethically, there is no reason, or because what is said is vile and aesthetic. They are deplorable.”

“I don’t want my presence to support these behaviors. Also, stopping further alienates citizens, especially to demanding citizens of the left, What he wants from politics is the opposite of purges, i.e. add, listen, argue, contrast, admit that no one alone has all the reasons,” he continues.

So far, the Autonomous Under-Secretary of the Initiative like Mollà says, “I can describe what’s going on with the analogy of a store, but no. My ethics force me to be more open out of respect for third parties.” Pointing out that Vice President Aitana Mas fired Mullah “with a 15-second call and without giving time to seek a reasonable explanation,” the undersecretary to date said “absolutely because there was no reason for that.” Unless you accept the octopus as an animal company”.

According to Puncel, Mullah “was dismissed because of party issues, which were already serious distortions of political concept and action, for turning this noble activity into an ego issue. ‘Chaos after me and if I’m not going to be in politics then I’ll get everything I want in front of me’“.

In these lines, he adds that Mullah was dismissed by putting the “autonomy of each party in the coalition” argument on the table and questioning whether this removal was carried out.Two days after the submission of Botànic II’s final budgetFour months before the (complex) elections, with a degree of uncertainty among citizens similar to other periods in Spanish history (including nuclear energy), when the left demands what History wants (the civilization change we are witnessing). It reinforces bridges, conversations and alliances in the face of this uncertainty.

“This halt is going in the opposite direction,” he emphasizes, emphasizing that the Initiative’s current leadership has “chosen to look inward, reinforcing unfamiliar convictions, escaping all criticism, securing exit positions through internal deals, before personal proof that ‘he has nothing outside’ in the next election. , by canceling the primaries to reduce competition and… not much else”.

“Moral and mentally handicapped”

According to him, “sad” and “mediocre” but “some more can be expected from the specific moral and intellectual inadequacies of those who adhere to the policy of cancellation.” Along these lines, to “perform” this dismissal, “They turn to the excuses and lies they make up” negotiating budgets, criticism from other departments, or the lack of recognition of the vice president.

For Puncel, about “bullshit, lies, excuses, lies”. “The issue is simple, there is no independent thinking voice. There is no government rationale, no management rationale, no project rationale, there are simple and simple reasons for intellectual and political mediocrity,” he emphasizes.

“I have been a political militant for 45 years and have seen lively and direct purges from time to time. I have also been purged several times and all have resulted in the same way. Be it PCE (a few). Esquerra Unida (consecutive) all ended with the explosion of these organizations. It is a physical fact governed almost by the laws of thermodynamics.. “The smaller the container, the higher the internal pressure and value, the more the container will be destroyed by explosion or dissolution,” he explains.

Source: Informacion


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