Where is the survey?

A few days ago, my colleague Ana Fajardo talked about how the City Planning district of Elche City Council reactivated the Plan del Palmeral’s processing less than a year before it expired. It did this through a survey mandated by UNESCO – you know, the institution that made us a World Heritage Site in 2000 – asking citizens to comment on the landscape quality of palm groves at 27 locations. There is a significant investment in Elche that is not sufficient to maintain this valuable asset. And let’s not forget, six months ago, with its publication in the BOE on 29 December, two months ago we published the long-awaited new law, which was approved by the Valencian Parliament on 28 October. , PP and Vox abstained. Today, we continue on our way without a budget, without knowing who will contribute and how. Not to mention the bodies waiting to be created and/or assembled. The mayor and government team who used UNESCO and Icomos so much to stop Central Market reform because of their supposed love for another World Heritage Site, Misteri, and proud Palm Grove, gave less publicity to the survey. In fact, I can assure you my partner found it lost on the cluttered city website but don’t try it like I did because it will be a waste of your time. I saw it, I swear, but don’t tell me how to get back. This executive is wasting the time of many journalists on petty matters every day because less than a year before the elections, he would have been present if allowed, but there are councilors to publicize and support it. About ¿ condition of the palm grove? Who cares? I’m already laughing that we’ll probably never know… for transparency, of course.
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