I believe you sister

Politics ends sooner or later by invariably crushing all its heroes. The viciousness applied in any case will depend on how fast the eject button is used when things get ugly. Therefore other it’s on the verge of becoming a show in the purest “gore” style.

There was a time, not so long ago, when some socialists looked at ourselves in the mirror and thought with satisfaction how this gave us back. Monica Oltra (Dixit Information Journal). he together mullah They brought imagination and freshness, but above all the “punch” that brought embarrassment to the PP, while describing arteriosclerosis affecting other groups in the position, and in particular PSPV. Moon. Seven years was enough to do what well “One is to preach, the other is to give wheat”.

Go ahead, I’m not questioning your honesty in any way. Monica Oltraeven though it was the hand that put it Baldovijust in case, but the rest of his approaches are “throughout”.

So far, the spokesperson for Compromís has been an effective whip in condemning popular corruption, a champion in the fight against the eviction of the most disadvantaged, and a militant and determined feminist. It is therefore difficult to understand how, contrary to the feminist slogan that gave this article its title, it not only ignored the minor’s complaint but also, as she herself admitted, made attempts to question its veracity, undermining the victim’s credibility. which “sisters”?

He claims that the complaint against him is made by the worst characters, which there seems to be no doubt about, but ignores the fact that this is the essence of democracy. Unwanted persons can also benefit from legal mechanisms. In this case, the complaint cleared the original sin by passing through the sieves of the relevant judicial authorities, including the prosecutor, Theresa Gisbert of the a flawless trajectory and a distinctly progressive character. Justice will speak. Or are we going to question this with the separation of powers now?

On the other hand other He stands as an advocate for the homeless to justify their reluctance to leave office, but omits that the source of the complaint is the desperation of a junior in charge of his ministry, who was first ignored and then questioned.

And then there’s thisthey cannot be guanyar”, With this attitude, he unnoticed (jumps aside) gave them an advantage in the first half.

Then the usual will come, with the usual indignities. this melodic masonwho does not stop repeating the name of the little one he has learned, “Mayte”, “Mayte”, and he repeats like a parrot, begging for forgiveness from poor Puig, whom everyone has beaten. where was it mason When Cartagena snatched money for the nuns’ social work, or Blasco, If I remember correctly, I shared funds for children with AIDS in El Salvador. I’m already telling you. On PP and biting palms. This is how you thrive in politics

Monica Oltra he should have “ejected” earlier and more dignifiedly so as not to drag his party and the poor man down with him. Baldovi, made a pathetic intervention that did not meet his standards. In his final farewell to the socialists in general and Ximo Puig In particular, they do little in favor of Botànic, which he claims to defend too much.

But as I said at the beginning, “I believe you sister.” I believe you will be acquitted and return to politics as you promised and your loved ones will wait for you with open arms, but my dear. monicaas in swallows becker“like a god on an altar,” which some of us admire, he will not return and, according to the record, will result from self-inflicted harm.

A lot of sorting.

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