Current visions of history: Berenguer de Marquina

There are always gifts in life that are especially satisfying for some reason. Giving, sharing, donating an object that you think will be of interest to someone else. In these cases, a parell de mesos would be a book, a work on amic. Manolo Santana, remembered one of his six passions: history, its heroes and thought. On this occasion, it was alleged that he carefully detailed one of the most relevant Alicantes, but that no one beyond his name remembered its existence in one of the most beautiful streets of the city of Alicante. Felix Berenguer de Marquina (Alacant, 1736-1826) a naval officer, master of mathematics and astronomy in the Royal Marines of Cartagena, and would be commander-in-chief of the Philippines (1787-1793) and governor-general of Nova Espanya (1800-1803). Some short careers of great importance in a country that is seeing its newspaper gradually disappear as a colonial state.

L’estudi de Santana is an essential guide to understanding an exciting stage in our history. Perfect writing, along with every sentence of extensive prose, provides a dose of documentation and reflection. Do you know who is the most interesting part of this volume, which contains biographical claims about this person who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries? The narrator of the story, or go ahead, the author. Because as I began to reach for it—I felt the pauses and pressure required for a volume of nearly 600 pages—then then feel the glitz of the “jo me l’he llegit” tipus, vaig remember Voltaire’s temps sentence. enllà had extensive articles on the French thinker: “The most philosophical part of history is fer conéixer les ximpleries fetes pels home”. The only reason the philosopher has is that the history of our species is so full of bullshit and bums that some historians, with the intent of praising some past or some character, are compelled and set it aside.

According to Això, reading this volume will rekindle the belief that a true vision of history is possible. Sense haver-li asked the author if he had reached Voltaire’s statement – this is due to his knowledge of philosophy, I’m sure he knows – I will see the sincerity of his work from the introduction. Així provides an approach to the psychology of the Santana character, more in all the data from an extensive work of documentation and archival research. We recognize a Berenguer de Marquina with a strong coherence of values ​​and beliefs at the end of the claim, but with a significant handicap that we will anonymize “emotional intelligence” due to conflicts with management. A strict and meticulous house in combining the functions of his career.

The author of the book is one of the brightest and most intelligent people I know, if I trust you. The attack (or fate) will go back in time with my best practices at IES Leonardo da Vinci, Manolo Santana, with a degree in Philosophy and Letters, a PhD in Dret, our University’s professor of Dret History, but above all a home cult. One month will be degà de la nostra Facultat de Dret. In all the meetings and actions we shared, both on an official and private level, I was able to taste these clear and faint reflections on the closest reality and, of course, our past. A person of faith who is both a security and a power of thought, Sense dubte contributed to an intense conversation that resulted in discussion with some participants who did not finish understanding his dialectical joke. According to això, this is the gift from seues mans em vaigre. Not only because of its offer to participate in the present presentation, but also because it gathers the intellectual testimony of an author who, under the pretext of historical character, offers readers a new way of understanding our past, and the material age reflected in the material age. daily.

I searched for the book published by Sanz y Torres. Llegiu-lo, assaboriu-lo sense pressa. Because, in addition to presenting an exciting biography, I will understand the attempts to promote the wealth of a part of our country at that time, such as the Philippines, the will to settle disputes between the Court and the royal officials, and how it was done. these end both the poorly run seua and the viceroy of Nova Espanya, seu trasllat com, at a difficult stage to limit smuggling and riots in these areas. 90 years of life, synthesized and well-written in one minute volume. A gift for those who want to learn more about the names of our careers…

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