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I like the idea of ​​the bottleneck effect. The phrase “effect idea” is a bit clumsy (not yet the effect itself, but just the idea, as well as two consecutive indirect cases), a bit strange – it’s a kind of butterfly expression.

In the full expression of the “bottleneck effect idea,” a little gold, a little greenish, well, the bottle is the same, but there is also something red or blue in there. The idea flashes, the effect flutters (that’s why it was given two wings – a double “f”) and the bottle neck rises heavily into the air.
To make us live again.

So it happened with the old humanity. 75,000 years ago when Toba volcano erupted in Indonesia. An unimaginable, almost universal catastrophe now.

The sun was covered with dust particles for a long time (“look and see the bright sun – it is dark from it, and all its howls are covered!” – this is how the ancient Africans would have written, if they knew how to write. In Old Russian, “The word about the shelf” also means not a giant planetary catastrophe, but only describes a solar eclipse).

A thick layer of volcanic ash covered not only Southeast Asia, parts of China and India, but even parts of Africa. Due to the same prolonged solar eclipse, the temperature on the entire planet has dropped.

The most radical scientists believe that the size of the African population subsequently decreased from one hundred thousand to two thousand. They argue that it is as much as ten more restrained. But I love the number “2” – we are eschatologically sharpened people: we were brought up to Dostoevsky and the Preacher – Tsvetaeva and Limonov to help us.

In general, it seems that at that time the man went beyond the borders of Africa. After the disaster, genetic diversity was not restored, only the most stubborn and adventurous-minded survived; When the population increased, these new adventurers set out to conquer the world. So, it wouldn’t be a disaster – we wouldn’t be traveling down a narrow narrow corridor into new blue distances, into lush forests.

However, God bless them with earthly disasters and people: they still love cats and dogs. Here is another well-known story about the effect of the neck and the bottle.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Chinese Shar Pei dog. But then during the Chinese Cultural Revolution they banned it, demanding it be destroyed (hopefully not with its owners), and only one dog remained, as was believed in 1971. At that time, an article about rare breeds was published in a special cynological journal with a photo of the Shar Pei and the caption: “Most likely, this is the last surviving person of this breed.”

But thank God it is not. There were some daredevils who were keeping dogs illegally. And when a couple from the USA bought several puppies, they carried them to their place – and this breed’s folded thick muzzle tucked into the bottle neck. It happened in 1974.

… It happened in our ordinary human life as well.

Friends “break up” with our ex, already in good standing and crossing the mainland. The lovers remained. The circle of classmates and colleagues broke up.

And here you are, get up as part of a group of fifteen or twenty that you haven’t broken up with yet and move on.

Or as part of a group of two.

And most likely one.

Then – on unknown shores and fields – you will meet new loved ones, new friends. Or maybe you won’t. Then you lie under a bush like a dying fox, turn with your tail, fall asleep. Here you run (dream) like a fox in the autumn grass; here you are holding your first spring race for the first red tail; here you are already old, worn out; and here you are already lying under a bush – you are dying. Wake up little fox, my new bottleneck. Move your head towards me – I’ll show you your new death.

It will be the same with us, with the comments of the internet residents crazy, talking a lot and running around a lot.

I think I had about 25,000 followers on the now banned but still bustling Facebook. And in the current telegram – only 2,962.
That’s less than three thousand people.

But here we know how to count: On the Internet, only 10% of the total number of signers read you. So in total 200 people read me on Telegram. Ten of them are alcoholics and psychopaths.

And there seems to be something to suffocate.

But I am having fun.

A new bottleneck is a new life, a new hope. This is the May promise. This is a letter to Zuckerberg.

Therefore, I sit on a stump (somewhere in the bush lies my first skin – a fox) and write:

“Hi, dear Mark! Sorry for “you” but I’m too young in the English way.
I am writing this letter to you on your birthday.
You were born in 1984, on May 14. We are happy. I remember how we went from LiveJournal to Facebook. I remember how we once left your FB.
Thanks for everything.
There were many good things: different people, different views.
There were many bad things – the opportunity to organize a denunciation campaign to get someone banned; open censorship; hypocrisy, bullying, double standards.
There was lots of fun, jokes and running around.
Many people came into my life that I would never have met in the non-digital life without you.
There were so many people I wish I hadn’t met. It would be cleaner.
But the thing is, it all comes to an end. And this is wonderful. Think how boring it is: sitting forever in a spider-filled bathhouse, watching the Toba volcano erupt through a narrow window, and not knowing you can just get up and get out of here, you can forget all this old life. once.

…we have a leather, roughly sewn bottle (the bottle has a thin, soft neck), look around, move, survivors, let’s go to another continent, put our prehistoric teapot right on the seashore (I can’t even imagine what it could be, Mark, well, let’s assume it’s just a big prehistoric shell) on a long tamed fire, cook mussels there, “eat” and go to the mainland, new alcoholics and psychopaths – to explore new lands.
But you already are.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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