Anti-crisis offers: 12 free streaming platforms

In recent years, streaming platforms have experienced a massive boom in Spain and the rest of the world, fueled (in part) by the pandemic. With millions of people unable to leave the house, their offer was the most tempting to satisfy their leisure time. But there are a few factors that indicate that the ‘streaming’ universe is about to change and will affect our pockets in recent months: Netflix has announced an offer that will go into effect on November 10. While the €5.99 monthly fee includes ads, the fight against such repetitive shared accounts and HBO Max’s merger with Discovery predicts an inevitable price hike, something Amazon Prime Video subscribers already suffer from.

Faced with this new scenario, some of the audience are considering giving up their subscriptions to some payment platforms and looking at options, under the stress of the new crisis and inflation that has reduced their budget for entertainment. FreeThere are also new ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’, although they don’t premiere as strong as ‘House of the Dragon’. these anti-crisis platformsWe can explore a wide variety of movies, films and documentaries with

Even if you have to be patient and endure ad breaks (except RTVE Play) will shuffle broadcasts. Because, you know, audiovisual production (TV series, film), music, literature, press…, culture in general, can’t be completely free, because there’s an industry behind it, if it’s not sustained by advertising, you’re going to have to do it with subscriptions (that’s the corresponding means monthly fee).

But for those who want to put up with these inconveniences so as not to scratch their pockets (despite having a good internet connection, good coverage and speed, and compatible devices), here we review 12 of these platforms. , with Spanish titles and international.

Operation time

this last addition, this free digital platform that promises to offer completely free movies and series since it arrived in Spain in September. For this it offers seven channels of non-premier commercial movies, action, comedy, romance, crime, thriller-horror and classic genres with big hit games and some cult jewels. Moreover three serial channelsincluding two ‘loop channels’, ie loop channels divided into two series: ‘Curro Jiménez’ and ‘Ana y los 7’. Currently the catalog includes ‘Disappeared’, ‘Archangel’, ‘Luisa Spagnoli’, ‘XIII The Conspiracy’, ‘Damn King’ and ‘The Truckers’.


RTVE’s free platform only undo programming aired on different TVE channels (‘Masterchef celebrity’, ‘Serving and protecting’, ‘Big mess’…), it’s also in its catalogue. successful Spanish and international TV series, some are available on other payment platforms. Others such as ‘Call My Agent’, ‘Parliament’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Top of the Lake’, ‘This Is Us’, ‘The Decline’, ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Division’, recently released. offer documentaries are very impressive.specializing in titles, just like the movie industry Spanish and European cinema.

pluto tv

Streaming service that works like Netflix or HBO Max-type payment platforms, although it does offer original television channels and free on-demand TV shows and movies from movie studios, broadcasters and digital media companies. Available channels Pluto TV is exclusive, what happens is that they are on the air where they are subject to programming schedules. You can find them too action, comedy, drama, horror, games, sports, music, kids, family, cooking, travel, thrillers, wildlife and reality shows, among other content. Its thematic channels offer movies, series and programs of all time that can be watched anytime. Nor requires prior registration, which makes it one of the favourites.


Although Atresmedia launched its payment platform three years ago player Premium, constantly offering premieres of series and programs quality of own production (for example ‘Gypsy Bride’currently broadcasting every Sunday and ‘The queens come to the rescue’), protects player, simply, the ‘online’ video platform group free. In it you can see the programs, sports and special series of its channels: Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Mega and Atreseries.


Digital movie and documentary rental service available if you are a member any public library. Its main supplier is Film, but it does not offer its entire catalog. owner More than 12,000 titlesseries (from classics such as ‘Fortunata y Jacinta’, ‘La Regenta’ and ‘La barraca’ to more modern ones such as ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Harlots: whores’), movies (with a certain indie trend), lessons (from Vaughan’s English) and games and magazines.


Free European cultural streaming platform, documentary content (approximately 56% of the program), cinema (19%), informative programs (14%), concerts (5%) series and different cultural themes, history, music, science, psychology, sports… It publishes and publishes new content almost every day. It presents about 1,000 programs per year: 800 documentaries, documentary series and reports, as well as about 200 concerts. In addition to broadcasting all its programs in French and German, ARTE broadcasts 400 hours a year with magazines, documentaries and live shows with Spanish, English, Polish and Italian subtitles.


Formerly known as streaming platform Waki-TVWith a wide catalog where you can see audio-visual content such as movies, series and documentaries. Although there are two subscription methods that mean paying a fee (Rakuten Subscription for series and movies, formerly Selection, and Rakuten TV Cinema, formerly Box Office for renting or purchasing movie premieres), Rakuten Free after the next recording, a smaller catalogcompletely unrequited, but it contains ads. One of her latest releases is the adventure reality show ‘exploring the Canary Islands, A kind of ‘Beijing Express’ shot in English in the Canary Islands and presented as a competitor with eight ‘influencers’ from European countries column blonde.


The platform of Rakuten TV company, which specializes in Asian dramas and movies, is mostly Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. It organizes its titles by genres: Romantic Comedy, Period Dramas, Romance, Crime & Mystery, Thriller & Thriller, Variety Show, Action, Comedy, Family & Kids, and Fantasy. It lets you search for productions by actor’s name so fans can catch up on the filmography of their favorite star. Most of the offer is aimed at a young audience.

plexi tv

The platform offers a catalog of 14,000 movies to watch for free and streaming television shows, as well as 200 live television channels instantly and without subscription. From web browsers, mobile devices or smart TVs. Also, any content from the entire streaming universe, the server itself, and other libraries can be discovered from anywhere.


popularly known as china netflix, the platform arrived in Spain two years ago with an extensive offer of movies, series, reality shows, talent, talk shows and anime. Most of the content is original, but they also have an offering that airs for the first time on traditional Chinese television. They have Spanish subtitles, although they are only available in the original language (Mandarin).

crispy roll

Anime streaming service offers more 1,000 titles and 30,000 manga chaptersLike ‘One Piece’, ‘Black Summoner’ and ‘Classroom of the Elite’, but since last spring it has restricted its free content offering: viewers who want to watch episodes of new or ongoing series must now subscribe to one of the premium plans. But it still gives anime fans options to catch some productions.


Internet-based television service remote monitoring local television or other countries Europe, United States, Latin America and Asia, on a computer or mobile device. By what its content is most diverse: live sports, newslifestyle programs, movies, shopping channels, children’s channels and other venues from many parts of the world. However, one of the films certain level of englishmost of them are in that language and some do not have subtitles.

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