Business opposes Budgets: concentration in front of Sub-Delegation and protest action in Madrid

this Businessmen from Alicante will take to the streets protest against “No” between Region inside General budgets of the state Y They will also take their complaints to Madrid.with a call for a public appearance to denounce the chronic lack of investment suffered by the region.

This is how employers agreed this Monday ANSWER, Chamber of Commerce and the Alicante Institute for Economic Research (inca), who decides to common facade and they called all Alicante citizens and civil society To take action against the bill presented in Congress last Thursday by Finance Minister María Jesús Montero. Budgets, as they stated, “seriously undermine socio-economic developmentpublic services, job competitiveness, employment and social welfare in the province”.

As a starting point, the three organizations signed an agreement. evident under what title “To defend the social welfare of the citizens of the state of Alicante” They dismiss the statements submitted by the central government as “absolutely contrary to the interests and future of Alicante”. For this purpose, a website will be launched in the coming days where it will be easier to participate in the manifesto personally or by any institution and organization.

As stated in the text of the agreed manifesto, Items planned for the province of Alicante have been greatly reduced over the years. If 298.8 million was allocated to Alicante in the 2021 General Government Budgets (PGE), this figure was reduced to 183.6 in 2022 and 160.8 On the contrary, Alicante is Spain’s second province with the largest increase in population since 2020 and the fifth largest contributor to the state’s GDP.

Likewise, they remember that Alicante suffered, despite dealing with large budgets and generally larger regional investments. a 12.3% cut compared to last year. According to the joint statement, given that Alicante has one of the lowest per capita incomes in Spain and ranks 44th out of 52 total countries, this will invest less in infrastructure and exacerbate an already highly unstable situation. . Giving.

Several attendees who hire businessmen to plan their protest strategies against the State Budget. Information

In that sense, this investment means that the people of Alicante will barely get it. 84.5 Euros per person almost 200 euros less than the national average in new investments in infrastructure. By applying this population distribution criterion, Alicante has received 3,539 million euros less than it deserves since 2008.

Together with the Manifesto, and with the intention of taking the complaint beyond this Community, CEV Alicante, the Alicante Chamber and the INECA board of directors approved the holding of a meeting. Concentration before the sub-delegation of the Government in Alicante and your demands Press conference which will take place Madrid. The same sources state that compliance with the Transparency Law will be requested in terms of the implementation of the budget items and the way of presenting the data.

CEV President, Salvador Navarro,” he said frankly.Alicante doesn’t deserve these budgets“He called on the unity of society, business organizations, trade union representatives and local and regional government to change the budget project. year they refuse financing and investments corresponding to us”, the employer’s leader confirmed.

CEV President Alicante, Joaquin Perez Mobilization is only the beginning of the road, but we are not happy to condemn the treatment this province has been treated. we want this to change and a number of actions are already underway to improve it”.

Thus, Pérez announced that they invited the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agility to visit El Altet airport so that he could learn firsthand the infrastructure needs of the facility, which has “the highest passenger traffic in the Community”. . . . Also, as Mediterranean Corridor Commissioner Josep Vicen Boira stated, “We will come to Alicante to explain the current connectivity of the corridor works and we will have a meeting with the Minister of State for Transport, Mobility and Agenda Urbana will transfer the investment gap in infrastructures to the ministry.”

President of the Alicante Chamber, for his part, Carlos Bath,” described asunacceptable Because the punishment that the province of Alicante has been subjected to, the growth opportunities of our province, the competitiveness of our companies and the future of our citizens living and working in our region are in danger. CEV and all the productive and social fabric will be mobilized to show that this situation is unbearable and to end this chronic victimization.”

In the same sense, the president of Ineca, Nacho Amirola, That budgets are where the least percentage of investment is regionalized – only 46% – and that “for the province of Alicante the poorest budgets in historyIt has brought the province to the last place in per capita investment for the second time,” he said.

Likewise, the president of Ineca encouraged political leaders to change their attitude towards the province and To reverse this situation He increased the budget by expanding investments in Alicante as the time came to include changes to the General Government Budgets, which are currently being discussed in the Congress of Deputies. Finally, Amirola expressed his gratitude to the CEV “for its willingness and leadership, which we consider necessary to coordinate all social agents in the defense of a fair budget for the province of Alicante.”

In addition to the chairs of CEV, CEV Alicante, Alicante and Ineca Chamber, Asaja Alicante, CECAP, Hidraqua, Facpyme, Mármol de Alicante, Avecal, ANGED, Mercadona, Advanced Tertiary, AEPA, Masymas, FOPA, FEDACV, Fetrama, Costa Blanca, EDMAbec, C , Carmencita, AEFJ, Serprecova, APHA, Idex Group, Jovempa, Asucova, Uepal, Fempa, IFA, Director of the Circle of IBIAE, Asemvega, Gesem and Cedelco Golf Courses Association.

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