The price of electricity drops further on Sunday, from 175 euros

this electricity price It will fall to 174.8 euro/MWh on Sundayagain under 200 euros and arrived this Saturday (189) based on the results of the auction held this Friday at the wholesale market or ‘pool’.

The figure includes the adjustment to be paid by the gas cap beneficiaries to compensate the power plants using this material and without this discount it would have been 181.55 euros per MWh, according to the data of the Iberian Electricity Market Operator. (OMIE) and Iberian Gas Market (Mibgas).

Head of Government, Pedro Sanchezconfidence that it will be possible to reach an agreement To promote mutual contact with French President Emmanuel Macron midcat pipelineIt’s an issue that they will both discuss with Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa in Paris.

By the way, 200,000 million euro macro plan to lower the price electricity bill The German Government has met the distrust of its European partners, who have called for solidarity to avoid a subsidy race that favors companies in certain countries and deepens the economic gap in the bloc.

Electricity in Italy will be reduced from 293.11 Euro/MWh to 208.06 Euro/MWh this Saturday; In France, it will be 168.46 euro/MWh; It will fall to 146.72 liras in Germany and 114.98 liras in England. The Portuguese auction, for its part, left an average price slightly above the average in Spain, where it shares a market, at 115.67 Euros MWh.

If only the auction results in the wholesale market are taken into account without including the adjustment to be paid by the gas cap beneficiaries, the MWh would decrease to 114.23 Euros.

Always with the exception of such adjustments, according to time zones, The most expensive price will be reached between 22:00 and 23:00.When it will reach 214.63 euro/MWh, the cheapest will be recorded between 16:00 and 17:00, around 75 euro/MWh.

However, to these amounts must be added the cost of adjusting the gas power plants, which varies depending on the volume required and the price of the system and affects the households and beneficiary companies. For Sunday, the temporary average correction for consumers will be 67.32 Euro/MWh and the final price will be 174.8 Euro/MWh, about 23% below the price a year ago.

Source: Informacion


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