Nirvel increased turnover by 20% backed by financial solvency

The cosmetics company Nirvel was able to increase its turnover by 20%, thanks, among other things, to its strong financial solvency. This is highlighted in the memory of annual accounts corresponding to fiscal year 2021. Alcoy company reached 9.9 million euro turnover. Operating results also showed a slight improvement over the previous year, reaching €621,485.

Nirvel is a company dedicated to its business. manufacture of hair products and face and body cosmeticshas successfully weathered the complex years of the pandemic. This was revealed once again in the income statement just published. According to these reports, the company achieved a turnover of 9.9 million euros last year, compared to 8.3 in 2020, when it managed to maintain its sales despite the health crisis. The results of the operation were also this case, much more moderately, by 15,800 euros.

According to the report accompanying the accounts, the company managed to meet 2021 with guarantees. your finances were solvent. In fact, given that Nirvel has positive equity and working capital as well as recurring profits, it has only made a new contribution of close to one million euros, to a degree that does not affect the going concern principle.

Looking at the current fiscal year, the report refers to the war in Ukraine, which, among other effects, has led to an increase in prices for certain raw materials and energy, as well as the activation of sanctions, embargoes and restrictions on Russia. affects the economy in general. In any event, and despite the current uncertainty, company executives they do not expect this to result in a breach of their respective contractual obligationsnor does it affect accounting.

Nirvel resisted the pandemic with the transformation process realized with the outbreak of the health crisis, meanwhile it started to produce hydroalcoholic gels and lotions to fill the gap of such products in the market. To be the supplier of Generalitat. Likewise, the company has a very good position in the national market for professional cosmetics, while at the same time it has a large foreign dimension. More than 40 countries to which it directs its exports.

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