Musk and Twitter are discussing details to shut down acquisition operations

representatives of elon musk and excitement are discussing the details of the company’s acquisition after the billionaire announced this week his intention to continue the original deal to take over the social network for approximately $44,000 million.

According to several US media outlets this Thursday, the two sides are still trying to agree on the final terms of the deal atmosphere of insecurity after months of disagreements.

Twitter wants assurances that Musk will abide by what’s agreed this time, and is considering the following options: Judicial review of closing the sale or demand for payment of interest in case of further delay draws attention to ‘The New York Times’.

Discussions continue as the key date, October 17, approachesThe lawsuit stemming from the company’s lawsuit against the businessman who tried to evade the deal the two sides agreed on last April is scheduled to begin the same day.

Again Last Tuesday, Musk stepped back and offered to buy the company on original terms. The due process is pending a final decision, as confirmed Wednesday by the Delaware Chancery Court judge in charge of the case.

For now, The parties agreed to postpone a meeting scheduled for today, where Twitter lawyers will question the CEO. Tesla is preparing for the trial.

10% discount on purchase price

According to The New York Times, Musk’s decision to continue buying Twitter at $54.20 per share came. After Tycoon failed, he tried to get discounts of up to 30%.

According to the Times, in recent weeksthe two sides held talks focused on a price cut of about 10%however, an agreement could not be reached and the businessman was eventually taken aback, offering to move forward on the original terms to avoid going to court, where he was the loser, according to numerous experts.

Now, a key issue will be the financing of the operation, because The richest man in the world had consulted several banks to help him. will pay for the purchase and it remains to be seen if that commitment continues or if businesses request different terms.

According to many analysts, The fight between Musk and Twitter has damaged the image and value of the social network, and the economic situation is more complex today. therefore banks may be reluctant to deposit the necessary money.

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