Marine Le Pen took a half step back

It’s a symbolic anniversary for both the date and the moment it happened. National Front (FN, renamed National Regrouping in 2018) meet this Wednesday 50 years from its founding. On October 5, 1972, small neo-fascist groups like the New Deal, French Algeria, Vichy France, and monarchist reactionaries – including a former member of the SS who was part of the party’s initial leadership – came together. headed by FN Jean-Marie LePen. Five years later, this ultranationalist and xenophobic establishment was transformed by his daughter. Sea LePen He became the second political force in the country after winning more than 40 percent of the vote in the second round of the presidential election in April.

Despite its thriving present, the French far-right celebrates this anniversary in a minimal and necessary way. A tweet from the Le Pen girl this morning and a tweet on Thursday. Colloquium in the National Assembly in a room with a maximum capacity of 30 people. Clearly, Jean-Marie LePen – He was expelled from the party in 2015. Holocaust– not invited on the spot. Only a historic leader of the ultras will intervene. While RN retains the same ideology at its inception, he wants to distance himself from his past associated with neo-fascism. And he prefers to focus on a gift marked by the election of a new party chairman.

Le Pen without surname

For the first time in its history, the Ultra formation is preparing to elect a president who does not bear the surname Le Pen. Jean-Marie Le Pen led this match with his provocative style between 1972 and 2011, making it one of the important formations of France. obvious glass ceiling this prevented him from reigning. His daughter Marine took over in 2011 and chose a strategy. demonization (demonization) for the sake of transforming it into any other party. So he distanced himself from anything – or at least hid it – antisemitic trace or associated with violent neo-fascist groups.

Ten years after assuming FN chairmanship, Marine Le Pen is poised to be replaced as party chairman. MEP jordan bardella27 years old and mayor of Perpinyà, Louis AliotAt 53, he’s racing to take the reins. 30,000 RN members will vote electronically for the new president this October. With little to no ideological or stylistic difference between the two primary candidates, who made very few headlines in French political journalists, they had much more fun in the aftermath of the current turmoil over allegations of sexist violence that spawned leaders of the left or internal tensions. inside Republicans (related to PP).

The main purpose of this internal process, the results of which will be announced at the beginning of November, is to Bardella starts out as a favoriteis to reinforce the image that they are a party like any other, that they elect their leaders democratically, but without throwing plates at each other’s heads. “Party wars are not our priority for this winter, when the French will have trouble turning on the heating,” said Jean-Philippe Tanguy, 36, ultra MP, 36, one of the rising figures of the RN.

Doubts for 2027

“Two candidates who are not from the Le Pen family are vying for the party presidency for the first time. However, both are running for the party presidency. bardellawhich? Marine’s nephew’s partnerand louis aliotwhich was emotional partner They are very close to the Le Pen family of the current leader from a few years ago. This shows us that he doesn’t seem willing to give up his leadership entirely and will continue to have the last word,” said political scientist Christèle Lagier, an expert on far-right voters to EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA. Prensa Ibérica group.

“I don’t believe at all in the internal democracy of the RN. great opacity I have no doubt that it will be Marine Le Pen who will decide on the name of his successor at the head of the party”, adds this professor from the University of Avignon, the traditional very vertical work and with the iron fist of this formation. When this internal process was announced in the spring, many analysts thought it would be Le Pen’s first step in giving way to the Bardella dolphin. In May, he assured “in advance” that he would not run for president again.

However, the situation seems to have changed after the RN’s good results in the last legislative elections he ran. 89 deputies and it was like third force. RN leader wants to give half step back “To focus on institutional work in the National Assembly, thereby improving the image of his party. And definitely preparing for the 2027 presidential election,” Lagier warns.

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