Monegal’s critique: Beware if the T-5 steals your window, it’s gossip

In one particular case, an Anglo-Saxon TV critic described trash TV as a rare occurrence that occurs in many homes: they allow certain creatures, some characters, to come in and radiate from the screen into the living rooms. The door they will never let in. It’s an interesting definition.

The topic comes to my mind because they are currently sending in ‘Sálvame Limón’ (T-5). JJVazquez patrolling the streets. He goes with a stick and bangs on the windows to get in. The first address that opened the door for him was Mrs. Lucia Perez It’s in the Cerro del Aire area, northwest of Madrid. She is 73 years old and has been widowed for two years. Ah! widows of a certain age are good people. They usually live alone. Any visit from abroad is an event for them.

JJ she begins to question her about her husband’s death, knowing that this is a great ground for the widow to get emotional. Lucy Still in pain he said: “He died suddenly. We got into bed and I didn’t even feel he was dead. Death came to him at his feet, they were like marble». This resulted in the necrophilic and emotional approach JJ He asked her to give her opinion on the ‘facts’ of the house. she rejected ‘The Island of Temptations’, a good criterion for Lucyit’s a huge horn festival – on the other hand, he wouldn’t hesitate to go to ‘Survivors’ “more than anything to lose weight”, which I agree.

Man, this exercise called ‘Ding Dong JJ at home’ has a danger. It reverses the terms of the audience’s relationship with the T-5. We are no longer the ones who go to them and tune freely with the remote control of the television; now they are the ones who come directly to knock on the window of our house, if we do not take precautions, they enter us. As soon as we enter, they interrogate us and we become the target of their gossip and entertainment.

About the dangers of great gossip Edward Stroller When ‘Redes’ (TVE) visited the anthropologist in 2011 Robin Dunbar. This Oxford University professor said that gossiping about people is similar to what chimpanzees do when they cheat on each other. In other words, gossip is chimpanzee, and the victim of gossip is louse. Or maybe it’s the opposite. I recommend that you close the windows and doors well.

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