Trash cans are usually smell sure rose. However, if they contain fruit, vegetable or fish waste, the smell can be unbearable, especially in summer.


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In this context, a TikTok user managed to make a video that he shared a video viral. homemade trick According to the comments received, infallible at keeping our house from smelling like garbage truck shooter.

The remedy could not be simpler, and hence its success on social networks: All you have to do is soak a few pieces of kitchen paper in water. plasticizer Your clothes. Next, we put the wet paper under our garbage bag and bad smells will be evident from its absence, as if with the art of unibirloque.

The answer lies in the fragrances used in these products. The odors of fabric softeners are very strong, and high-performance fixing products are also added. This is done so that the odor is fixed on the clothes during the final rinse and remains effectively on the clothes after drying: the water evaporates, but there is no odor.

Therefore, softeners a stronger aromatic strength than a air freshener, able to mask very strong odors.

Another use for fabric softener is as a household air freshener. For this situation, we will fill a container with half a liter of water and add two or three doses of fabric softener.. We will spray the mixture directly on carpets, curtains and upholstery to get a quick and powerful effect.

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In order to achieve a more natural and mild aromatization, we will place a cloth inside the container with one end to the edge of the container. The effect will be similar to that of a commercial wick air freshener.