Arrested a former employee of a bank in Mallorca for defrauding a customer of 1,600,000 euros

agents National Police They arrested a former employee of a bank branch Majorca For extracting 1,600,000 Euros from a client’s account that he gave false documents to make him believe he was investing his money in different investments. They were arrested along with the prime suspect. two of the alleged accomplices to transfer the defrauded money.

research carried out by In collaboration with the Economic Crimes and Technological Crimes Group money laundering Balearic Islands National Police, It started as a result of a querella filed by the bankan employee of one of its offices on the island maliciously manages the assets of one of its customers without the knowledge or authorization; and He diverted more than 1,500,000 Euros into bank accounts on behalf of different companies, all linked to another man and employee’s partner.

The employee acted fake financial products and contributed wrong documents in this sense with what convinced his client that his assets were reinvested in the bank’s own assets. Moreover, benefited from the special vulnerability of the victim as he was elderly, foreign, non-Spain resident and had little control over his bank accounts.

Similarly, working 86,980,00 euros misused in cashcomes from ATMs that are subject to control in his office and submitted for daily counting. Finally, He pretended to deposit 51,000,00 Euros in cash into the bank account of the last of the detainees. This income was considered real, although the sacks in which the money should have been were empty.

Due to the facts disclosed, employee terminated in July 2021Although research shows that He continued to operate irregularly, pretending to be an employee of the legal entity until a few days before his arrest.

As a result of the investigations carried out by the police groups mentioned at the beginning and in order to restore the defrauded property as much as possible, two entrances and search in the house of two of those investigatedintervening cash, three high-end vehicles and various valuables 150.000 €.

After all the steps were completed, the agents began to arrest the three men. alleged perpetrators of wrongful administration, false documentation and embezzlement

The investigation continues and the possibility of further arrests cannot be ruled out.

Source: Informacion


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