Council of Ministers to approve Energy Emergency Plan next Tuesday

Teresa Ribera, Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Energy Contingency Plan It will be approved by the Cabinet next Tuesday and ensure that the austerity measures already approved by the Government allow consumption to decrease by 3.6% compared to the average of the last five years.

In an interview with Efe, Ribera said that the Plan that Brussels demands from all Member States “practically doneThey wanted to be “prudent” and wait before presenting this Friday’s Extraordinary Council of Energy Ministers.

According to Ribera, it is necessary to know the measures that can be taken this Friday. twenty sevenAmong them are those proposed to limit the price of gas at the community level or to set a target to reduce electricity consumption, to complete the definition of the national strategy.

In this sense, the Plan “strategic” document It should explain and be precise about the problems the Spanish energy system may have in the current context, and that, according to Ribera, these are “prices”, not “supply or supply”.

As regards the measures contained in the plan, it asserts that they will be implemented. different “draft”, but always within the “areas of great consensus” that the Government has identified in meetings that Ribera has held in recent weeks with key sectoral, social, political and civil society representatives.

It also ensures that the Plan is respected. two important aphorismsIt will not involve savings obligations for citizens, which, as the Manager explains, goes through protecting consumers and the industrial fabric.


Prior to presenting this Plan, the Government approved a strategy that included energy-saving measures, such as regulating thermostats in some buildings and closing shop windows during the summer months. reduce consumption by 3.6% Since they took effect on August 10.

Specifically, between that date and last week, consumption was 3.6% lower than the average recorded for the same period in the previous five years.

Finally, The savings that the Spanish Plan will collect will be 6.4%, Below the government’s 7% initial commitment to Brussels.

With these data, the vice president expressed himself. “Honest Thanks” In a summer marked by high temperatures, he greeted the citizens as a whole after congratulating them “to understand the message well and to apply the suggested measures quite accurately”.

In addition, by sending them a message of calm, he showed his determination to continue to take the following measures. to “maximize” the impact on productive tissue and families.

“We will continue to identify and implement these measures that allow us. live this part reasonably, and maybe come out with some bruises, but come out strong and strong,” Ribera said.

Not looking for a “sanction system”

Asked about the sanctions imposed by the autonomous communities for non-compliance with the measures currently in force, Ribera replied that the Savings Plan was a part of “sanction system”.

“It is not the norm that considers activating a sanction system, a decree-law designed to activate how to channel the saving capacity of the Spanish economy as a whole It is clear that there is overconsumption there,” he argued.

It therefore praises the role that communities and city councils have played to date. they did not report sanctions or fines and fulfill their mission of helping those who feel helpless or anxious to clear their doubts.

In line with this, he assures that the Ministry has received some questions from small businesses that have doubts about how the measures will be implemented, especially the installation of the plant. automatic door closingWhich must be installed before October 1st.

Source: Informacion


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