Four accused of killing, mutilating and burning a man in Valencia go to jail

cross accusations between Four arrested for murdering Alfredo Balaguer Ríos55 year old man with cThe corpse was found dismembered and cremated in a kind of funeral pyre near the river Túria somewhere in Gestalgar. last June 29. Court of Order number two of Llíria agreed to enter the makeshift prison this afternoonAfter the statements of the four defendants were taken, they were served without the possibility of being released on bail.

Only Levante-EMV, the newspaper of the same group, Prensa Ibérica, and the arrests reported by that newspaper took place after one of the alleged perpetrators of the crime and her daughter’s boyfriend – three detainees – confessed to the national police. The fourth person arrested, the emotional partner of the first, said he killed a man and kept them at home under threat so they would supposedly not say anything.

Murder Squadron Civil Guard He had already identified them since early July, thanks to steps taken from the titanium and steel plate found in the body’s autopsy. This surgical intervention, which the victim underwent to correct a problem in the lumbar spine, played a key role in the identification of the body, this newspaper reported.

Those arrested are 52-year-old Pilar CE; Luis Marcos GT, 51-year-old emotional partner; Pilar’s daughter LMC, 19; and her boyfriend, AGC, 23. Luis, who made the first statement, claimed that he was the partner of Alfredo’s murderer by shooting him with a wooden cutting board he had taken from the kitchen. The defendant in question claims that he was not at home at the time of the crime, but that he was traveling and attributes the accusations of the other three accusers to an allegation of conspiracy against him.

The second witness was the 19-year-old girl, who supported her mother’s thesis that she was the partner of Alfredo’s murderer and that they would only participate in the destruction of the body, but did not initially know what had happened. It belonged to a corpse that they had put in garbage bags, put in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car, carried to Gestalgar, and set on fire by spraying gasoline they had previously bought at a store. gas station on the road. The other two detainees exercised their right not to testify before a judge, although they directly accused her partner before the Civil Guard.

The crime occurred in a house on Calle Escultor Salcillo in Valencia’s Fuensanta district on June 27. The deceased is the rightful owner of the property and lived in the house after the death of the four detainees for whom he claimed rent. Investigations show that the motive for the murder was economic. In fact, detainees are charged with murder or murder, concealment and extortion.

Source: Informacion


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