wash the dishes It is one of the most hated household chores by many. Although in some houses dishwasher To accomplish this tedious task, the truth is that in many other households they still continue to brush by hand on a daily basis. Today we will tell you the best way to accomplish this task so that Save time, water and money. In addition, the plates will be shiny and there will be no leftovers.


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If you incorporate this technique into your daily routines, great water savings At the end of each month, most households wash dishes once after each main meal, up to three times a day.

Excellent technique for washing and polishing dishes

For wash the dishes correctly the most appropriate thing is a sink with double breast. If you only have one, you can use one basin to feed the other breast.

The first step is to remove it completely. leftovers left on the plates and cutlery. Once this is done put the dirty dishes in the first of the sinks or the sink and put some dishwasher. Add hot water until the dishes are completely covered and let sit for a few minutes. This way, any leftover sauce or leftovers on the plates will soften and it will be easier to skip later.

First, place the plates and glasses in a basin with hot water and soap. pixabay

After a few minutes, a little thin rubber gloves to protect your hands and start scrubbing the dishes with the scouring pad and dish soap. When the parts are clean, put them in the other sink. Stack them with foam but still without rinsing. When you’ve finished scrubbing them all, it will be time to rinse them under running water. In this way, you waste less water when washing dishes than rinsing one by one.

If you want even more water savings You can put clean water in the second hole of the sink and put the dishes to rinse there. Change the water when it foams and continue rinsing the rest.

The trick to leaving the dishes sparkling and saving water. pixabay

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The best way to dry dishes

After washing the dishes put them in a colander for them to dry. One of the most common mistakes we make is wanting to speed up this drying process and give them a cloth. This is not recommended as lint residues may remain on the cutlery and many will lose their shine immediately after washing.