Jorge Javier made a harsh accusation to two regular Mediaset collaborators: “Don’t be so manipulative”

Jorge Javier Vázquez got on his nerves this Thursday at ‘Sálvame’ due to the attitude of two Telecinco collaborators. The host made public accusations against the various faces of the chain and criticized the continued employment of them.

The Catalan, in particular, are still angry at Alba Carrillo and Lucía Pariente, who won the harassment lawsuit this morning. Hours after learning the result, he wanted to blame both of them and made a clear statement: “What happened to me, what will happen to all the presenters? They piss on my face and no matter how much I complain, it’s in vain. God, because I love this company more than anyone else.”

The host harshly criticized that she should continue to overlap with them: “My mom accuses me of harassment, here we work with people who accuse us”, He stated that he showed his discomfort to the public because projects were offered in the chain despite the public debates.

Before resolving the issue, he wanted to issue a warning to communicator Alba Carrillo and Lucia Pariente: “Of course they acquitted me. You lost Lucía, you accused me of harassment, which is very serious. They had to fire you because you got angry that day.” “Don’t be so manipulative and so pervertedEver since I met you, I put up with you until you say ‘here’,’ he expressed himself very angrily.

Source: Informacion


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