Company Logitech introduced its new product line, Brio 500 webcam and Zone Vibe headsetDesigned for the needs of hybrid workers.

A recent study showed that over 89% of adults working from home have problems with camera angles when using a built-in laptop camera due to poor lighting conditions and field of view limitations. The Brio 500 webcam and Zone Vibe headset fix problems users face while working from home.

“Many remote and hybrid workers are still under-equipped and still struggling with pre-pandemic solutions,” he says. Scott Wharton, CEO of Logitech Video Collaboration. “Our portfolio of Brio webcams and Zone Vibe headphones answers the call of today’s workers who need enterprise-grade quality to do their jobs.”

This Brio 500 Webcam

Delivering enterprise-grade audio and video and enhancing the video calling experience, the Brio 500 series solves common video conferencing challenges. It offers the Show Mode feature that makes it easy to present sketches or other physical objects from the workplace. It has a practical mounting system and a built-in sensor that lets you tilt the camera down to focus on objects and automatically reverse the image to show the correct direction for video calls.

Available in black, white and pink to customize the workspace. RightSight technology (activated via Logi Tune) automatically frames the user even when they are on the move, while the RightLight function automatically corrects poor lighting.

Zone Vibe Headphones

The Zone Vibe series includes wireless headphones that combine performance and comfort. Available in black, white and pink, it is designed for communication at work and for your leisure time. It weighs 2.5 kg and has soft textured fabric and memory foam.

Compatibility and other values

The Brio series is compatible with most video conferencing platforms and is certified for Google Meet and Zoom. Logitech Sync integration with Brio enables firmware updates and troubleshooting to keep hybrid computers running smoothly.

The Brio 500 series and Zone Vibe headphones are certified carbon neutral, meaning the impact of the products is reduced to zero. Plastic parts contain certified post-consumer recycled: 68% for black and 54% for white and pink. Zone Vibe is made with a minimum of 25% recycled plastic.

The packaging for both product families is produced with paper from FSC certified forests and other controlled sources.

price and availability

The Brio 500 series webcams and the Zone Vibe 100 and 125 headphones will be available this September. The Brio 500 series webcams retail for 139 euros. The selling price of the Zone Vibe 100 is 129 euros, and the selling price of the Zone Vibe 125 is 145 euros.