19 femicides excluding couples in the first half of the year: 60% committed by a family member

Spain announced its data for the first time femicide committed outside the partner’s or former partner’s domain: From January to June, 19 women killed Because they are women, all crimes are committed by male aggressors known to the victims.

the majority, 11 (58%) were murders by a family member: Six alleged murderers were children, three grandchildren, a father, and another had another family relationship with the victim.

From the Ministry of Equality and the Government Delegation Against Gender-Based Violence, almost 60 percent of the victims were over 60 years old..

Apart from family murders, there are also femicides committed in the first semester. two sexual femicide (two victims were under the age of 16) and six others were social (three by a neighbor, two by roommates, and one-sixth had other relationships with the victim).

This is the first time the Ministry of Equality has reported murders of women other than couples or ex-spouses. In the same period analyzed by this statistic, 23 women were killed by their partners or ex-partnersIt represents 21% higher than 19 femicides.

Source: Informacion


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