Energy crisis and taxes monopolize primaries to succeed Boris Johnson

“I didn’t go into politics to say what looks good. That sometimes means taking the hard road, telling the truth with a less popular message.” Rishi Altar, Former Finance Minister, millionaire, married to a millionaire, assures he’d rather “lose” in the race to succeed Boris Johnson to “win on false promises” like that of an opponent. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liz Cagesteadily marching towards victory (32 points ahead) The most recent ConservativeHome survey on Sunak) with economic plans that his rival calls fabrication.

The long campaign to elect the Conservative leader who will automatically be in power as well as being the head of the ‘Tories’. new prime ministergoes unnoticed by most Brits, without voice or vote Determining who will take action on what this downfall may mean for many families to survive or not. this increased energy billThe annual average per household will rise from 1,971 pounds in April to 3,600 in October and 4,250 in January, according to analysts at Cornwall Insight. disagree two contestants.

In the Scottish city of Perth on Tuesday, Altar warned Truss of plans to lower the cost of living. they would impoverish to citizens. “If that’s the policy the government will adopt, millions of people are at risk of falling into poverty. That would be a moral failing and I don’t think the British will forgive that. As Prime Minister I certainly won’t let that happen.” “The altar explained aid package 10,000 million pounds (11,900 million euros) to reduce the electricity bill electric Y gaswith Temporary abolition of VATThat means 237 euros less on receipt and an additional 5,900 million to help the most precarious households. “I have the right plan to help everyone in the UK,” he says.

lower taxes

Truss throws the ball at the strategy to lighten the energy bill. His priority from the start has been to lower taxes, an offer that will benefit the wealthiest and have little or no benefit for the low-wage classes or retirees. “First of all, I want cut taxes and to continue growth, second is to solve supply problems and third is to see what else we can do. “What worries me is putting a Band-Aid on a problem, saying, ‘I’m going to get extra money,’ and being in the same position six months later,” he said.

opposition leader Keir Starmer announced an equivalent plan on Sunday €34.35 billion To freeze energy bills if the worker wins the next election. His proposal will benefit all households, not just those who need it most. Both Altar and Truss scrapped this alternative.

Both candidates agree to categorically reject a new Scottish independence referendum. To the applause of those present at the meeting, the Head of Foreign Affairs said, “I consider myself a daughter of the Union and for me we are not neighbors (English and Scottish). We are a family and I will never let the family fall apart.” Perth He will “ignore” the prime minister and leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, he said. nikola sturgeonconstantly accused him of “gaining attention”. Sturgeon replied, “No politician has the right to hinder democracy.”

lazy workers

While Truss was working at the Treasury, British workers vagrants“Once they get a job, Brits are the laziest in the world,” says the recording published by The Guardian. Boris Johnsonmeanwhile, enjoying some second holiday this month and it looks like she plans to spend the rest of her days at her office’s gorgeous country residence. checkersAway from the hustle and bustle of the Downing Street office or the house where the moving trucks get off.

Many of its members Conservative Party They have already voted, albeit reluctantly. Many still prefer Johnson. According to Opinium’s survey, 63% would prefer him, compared to 22% for Truss. 68% will vote for the reinstated prime minister, 19% will vote for Sunak, who was not forgiven for “betraying” his idol. Truss has 40% more support than Sunak among affiliates over 65 years old. This distance is reduced to 8 points among people under the age of 50.

Brexit rejection on the rise

The two rivals pay little attention to the problems arising from the war. Brexit, they basically don’t exist. They have come to deny that it is. long lines this summer dover It had nothing to do with leaving. European Union. This Wednesday in Northern Ireland, they couldn’t get away with it.

Truss, who supports the law on the unilateral invalidation of a large part of the Protocol signed with Johnson with the EU, said he is determined to continue the process and put it into practice after ratification. “We will not get Stormont (host rule) up and running again until we resolve the Northern Ireland protocol issue.”

What Sunak is talking about regain trust Y rebuild the economy and the more flexible negotiation style of David Trimble, the recently deceased leader of the Ulster Unionists and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

British politicians, Conservatives and Labor prefer to look the other way, as public opinion shifts as they face more obstacles that didn’t exist before. In the last survey, 56% of those consulted believed leaving the European Union was a mistake. 60% believe Brexit went wrong and 53% support immediate EU reintegration. The staunch advocates of the break argue that the Brexit they voted for has not yet been implemented and hence the existing shortcomings.

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