A man sells 321 license points to save 100 drivers from fines

The Balearic Civil Guard discovered this An Armenian national advertised on the Internet to sell his driver’s license points He is investigating 91 more people in various parts of Spain for false documents that come to him in order to prevent complaints and loss of points.

As reported in a press release by the Armed Institute, the guy withdrew his card and had a balance of -321 points. Individual offered to appear as a driver Number of motorcycles reported for reckless driving or speeding in exchange for financial compensation.

The investigation was initiated with an incident in mid-2021. At that time, while a preventative breathalyzer sample was being taken on the Ma-1 highway, a motorcyclist ignored the civilian traffic officer’s stop sign, forcing the vehicle to abruptly drive away to avoid it. being passed over.

The motorcycle continued to move at high speed, repeatedly committing serious offenses during the flight. civil guards They wrote the license plate of the motorcycle and complained to the Provincial Traffic Directorate for the observed violations..

Thereupon, the Traffic Analysis and Investigation Group (GİAT) officials examined the file opened by the Balearic Provincial Traffic Directorate because they made some allegations against the sanction imposed on the motorcycle driver.

In the claims, An Armenian national took full responsibility for the violations, so the owner of the motorcycle is exempted.

However, the agents confirmed This person did not have a license that allowed him to ride a motorcycle. and at the same time, the driver’s license originating from Valencia Traffic Headquarters has expired. Moreover, the Armenian national was not in Mallorca at the time of the crime.

Lawsuit for forged documents

These facts motivated some transactions were ordered for documentary fraud. An investigation has been launched against the owner of the motorcycle and a friend who allegedly helped prepare the administrative appeal.

Civil guards continued their investigations and were able to obtain a list through the Directorate General of Traffic, which attracted the strong attention of GIAT agents. Armenian citizen emerged as the author of numerous serious crimes the vast majority worked on peninsular lands.

In addition, there was a common feature of all of them that the motorcycle owners were another person who had identified the Armenian national when they were notified of the sanction by DGT, leading to the loss of their permit points. As a driver at the time of the offense, to avoid liability and to avoid deducting points from your license.

After several efforts, they got it. This person has advertised and offered to sell points through web pages that advertise on the internet. In addition to the amount of the penalty for the offense, the driver’s license from 75 to 200 euros per point. The communication between the buyer and the seller was carried out through different social networks.

So far, 91 people on national territory have been charged with alleged involvement in false documentation by acts in the communities of Madrid, Valencian Community, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Castilla y León, Murcia. , Galicia , Cantabria, Navarra, Basque Country, Extremadura, Catalonia, La Rioja and Andalusia.

Finally, an Armenian citizen residing in the Valencian Community was also investigated as the alleged perpetrator of the ongoing crime of false documents.

This person is on the list. files DGT negative balance of the driver’s license of -321 points. New investigations are not ignored as the operation is at the exploit stage, as new fraudulent files can be detected.

Investigations were conducted by the Balearic Islands Command Traffic Investigation and Analysis Group.

Source: Informacion


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