Confirmed the schedule for the second season of The Squid Game

after what Netflix approve one second season Squid Gameyour creator, Hwang Dong-hyukofficially announced what will happen plot on which new episodes will focus.

And after its launch in late 2021, it took 12 days for the fiction to emerge. break records and become the most popular streaming platform. Now, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dong-hyuk- talks about his new episode group the main hero will also return, Lee Jung-jae’s Gi-Hun.

In fact, with the first episode of the series turning into a mass phenomenon and eight Emmy Award nominationshis showrunner now admits, feel pressure By giving a deadline to take over the script for the next episode of Squid Game.

“I would be completely lying if I said I don’t feel any pressure as a lot of people are waiting for the second season. the first was too successful to find myself under pressure“, explained the creator of the fiction. However, he has a pre-established working system to handle the story, and while writing the script, he really immerses himself in the world he has created and finds “less scary”.

“When I sit at my laptop, I become a part of the world I create and I completely forget the real world I belong to“,” Dong-Hyuk added, before going into details about the plot of the new episodes he hopes to set up. The story flows like it did in the first season, rather than focusing on meeting fans’ expectations.

“I thought about the last time Gi-hun didn’t get on the plane and thought about what to do next. Logically, there will be one sequence of events This will take us to the end of the season. I can’t go into details yet, but you know what? Seong Gi-Hun is a completely new person at the end of the first season. i.e. the latter will focus What will this new Gi-hun do and how will things develop around this version of the character?“Dong-hyuk, who predicted with Netflix that there will be a new episode of the series with no release date yet, in December 2021, came to the conclusion.

Again, Lee Jung-jae won’t have a single comeback. And the thing is, the showman hasn’t just shown his interest over and over again. bringing back some of the subjects who died in the first season’s blood testsbut instead, this new section group gives you A role even more relevant to the leader figureHis identity was revealed in the eighth episode of the series.

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