“The poor are annoying – they want their place swept with their tongues.” 6 questions for a professional cleaner

– Who can work as a cleaner? There is an opinion that people often trust the cleanliness of their apartments “from the street” to specialists.

– And there it is. Not all cleaning companies even have training. And where it is, beginners are taught to work with chemistry, with what surfaces and what is allowed to be processed, how to clean it correctly and quickly, and even the basics of communication. In most companies, things are different. I was self-employed, a cleaning company hired me to clean the building and paid 10 thousand rubles for the cleaning. I studied all the basics myself, although I have no experience, I said in the interview that I will learn that I can and cannot do everything. They took me. They didn’t even look at my criminal record, but what if I had an article about theft behind me? In general, not everywhere, but in many places no one cares who you are, where you are from, and what you know to do – I agree to shake a rag and it’s okay. But if there are too many complaints, they will be fired and not even taken care of. They may also “want” to leave because they don’t want to pay.

– This is probably, if you work informally?

– When formally or strictly under contract – they pay less. But they threw me out because they trusted me. At first I signed a contract after each cleaning and then forgot a few times or the cleaning was urgent and I worked without a contract but I was paid. So after a while I got full points on the contracts, they paid regularly, I thought it would go on like this. Then they started not paying me. At first there were excuses: They say, now there is an epidemic, everything will be restored and we will get paid. Here, then there are constantly low paid. So I owe 100 thousand rubles.

Once again, when I came to ask for money, they sent me, to put it mildly: they said they no longer needed the services. I asked about the money and they implied to me that there is no such thing and will not happen, and if I want to discuss the possibility of getting a salary, then the security will explain to me the impending failure of these attempts. different language. So I’m broke, you can’t run to the police because of this 100 thousand, in short, I ruined myself here, but there are many like me. Many are hired to work on a project and are not paid for various excuses, for example, the client is not satisfied, run as fast as possible, otherwise we will fine you for a dissatisfied client and damage your reputation.

– Many people are afraid to order cleaning because they are sure that the cleaners might steal something or start “hosting” the house. Is it possible?

– Everything is possible, but in this case it is unlikely that the cleaner will stay at work for a long time. If the customer informs the company that something is missing, the company that values ​​its reputation will compensate for the damage and the cleaner will be fired. Especially if the client is intimidating the police. Therefore, it is better to choose companies that have been “standing” for a long time. In general, to prevent theft, among other things, customers inspect the building after cleaning. If you didn’t notice the loss right away, it’s no longer our problem. Very few people stole it. But none of my colleagues were stealing.

I remember they sent us to clean an office, me, Andrey the cleaner, and three Kyrgyz women.

Namely: Andrei found about 500 rubles in hundreds, he wanted to get it for himself, and one of the women slapped his hands, scolded him, said that it was a sin not to take it on his head to get it, his hands dry up and that’s it. What you told me later [мусульман] Stealing is strictly prohibited. I don’t know if it’s just the three of them so well-behaved or if it’s all about religion, but I want to believe the latter.

“What about other little things?” For example, can cleaners eat food left in the refrigerator?

– No one will climb into your refrigerator just because it will be noticed. Now, if you’ve come to clean up after the party and the owner has told you to throw away everything left on the table, but it’s not yet spoiled, the employees can eat it. I don’t think it’s bad, why waste good? Well, the food will not go to the samovar, but will go into the stomach, isn’t it more useful?

In general, cleaners are unlikely to have power, especially if the order is not first. You get so tired even after one cleaning that you come to the next one and just think about how you’re going to finish it and go home. Sometimes cleaning takes 8 hours, you fall off your feet, but not even an additional charge for a large object. They somehow cleaned a 250 square meter house, they were busy from 10 am to 10 pm. Even the taxi company refused to call us.

Which customers annoy you the most?

– Poor. They are the most picky and impatient. Not only do they drop out for a general cleanup every five years and nudge every line of divorce from the funds, but they’re constantly pushing them: “When is everything?” It drives you crazy. And interfere in the work and spoil the mood.

When you clean the apartment from the rich people who did not order for the first time, they vacate the apartment, then they come and check it, they pay. If you don’t like something, they ask you to redo it right away, you do it again, you get paid and you go in peace.

The poor are trying to get a discount, even if they used and received some kind of promo code. Thus, they also show their indifference to everything. It always surprises me when you come to a rich family, most of the time they treat you very kindly, they also give you tea, you see, they make you drink. When he came to clean a man with a salary of 40 thousand rubles. – God forbid, he does not cover himself with obscenities after he almost licks the ground with his tongue.

– Do cleaners cheat customers for money?

– Not. Payment is made in square meters to the manager, not the cleaner. The amount is always calculated in advance. Yes, we can offer other services, for example, we see that the carpet is dirty, we offer to skip the checkout and wash it for half the price, then the full dry cleaning fee of the carpet goes to us. But it’s not really a divorce. The customer is happy and so are we. No need to deceive us for the rest. Yes, and there is not much of a way.

Muscovite Ilya Ryapunov began working as a cleaner at the beginning of the pandemic, and in a year and a half he realized something for himself – he would not want anyone to enter this field. He told socialbites.ca about unscrupulous employers, picky customers, unbearable fatigue after shifts and miraculous savings of 500 rubles.

Source: Gazeta


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