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Current TVE programmers are sold for a plate of lentils. They are more concerned with gaining screen share points than consistency. Finally, there was the treatment they applied to the four Stories that they decided to take out of the refrigerator after hibernating for a long time.

The first disappointment came when we found out that they were going to air them as marathons. Intellectuals had the idea to program four stories, each with a different authorship, after Report Weekly, rather than opting for the fidelity that a programmer must try and try to grab the attention of the audience for a month. Losing the impact of each ending in this way was supposed to knock out the audience. Chicho raised her head. But at TVE, they apparently believe their audiences are consuming television as if they’re grabbing episodes and diving into a platform that goes faster than usual, rather than savoring the pace at which their director filmed them.

By the way, in my humble opinion, after watching and motivating them, I would put them in the following order: Paco Plaza (Freddy), Rodrigo Cort├ęs (Joking), Paula Ortiz (Asphalt) and Rodrigo Sorogoyen (The couple).

Well, if the way to program them en masse wasn’t a negligible enough gesture, they had no better idea than to remove that premiere and replace it with a Grease broadcast on the occasion of Olivia Newton-John’s death at TVE. They didn’t spend another night (that’s the irony). They eventually got to the enviable 13%, which is what they were after.

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