Jill Biden conveys her positivity in covid-19

First Lady of the United States, Jill Bidentested positive for covid-19Have mild symptoms The disease and will be isolated for five days, according to Communications Director Elizabeth Alexander.

As Alexander explains, his wife Joe Biden test negative In a test on Monday, he started showing symptoms in the afternoon. An antigen test was done that was negative, but then a PCR test that was positive.

owned by Jill Biden full schedule of vaccine and two boosters and has only mild symptoms, according to the communications director. Like her recently ill husband, Jill Biden treated with paxlovidand will be isolated for five days.

The First Lady currently resides in a private residence in South Carolina, where the Biden family spent a few days on vacation. It will stay there until the Covid test comes back negative two times in a row.

Jill Biden’s contagion occurs approximately weeks after her husband. The US president tested positive for covid-19 on July 21. Biden tested negative on July 27, but despite testing positive again on July 30, it’s a “rebound effect” that the White House has explained to some patients treated with the Paxlovid experience. On August 7, Biden emerged from his second isolation after testing negative.

The President and his wife traveled to South Carolina on August 10 to spend a few days on vacation with his family.

Joe Biden is scheduled to sign the Inflation Reduction Act at the White House this afternoon.

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