Arrested for carelessly stealing 16 jewels from Benidorm market

this National Police stoped Benidorm 51-year-old woman accused Carelessly stealing 16 jewels worth 5,000 euros According to the Provincial Police Station, it’s in one of the markets in town.

The arrest was made by the Benidorm Police Station Forensic Police Group V agents tasked with investigating property crimes, in collaboration with members of the Citizens’ Security Brigade’s Prevention and Response Unit (UPR).

The detainee is accused of carelessly stealing 16 jewels and money from the bag belonging to another woman who was shopping in Benidorm market. The theft was spotted by a passer-by who quickly notified a National Police patrol nearby.

The victim filed a complaint with the Benidorm Police Station and provided a description of the jewelery in question, personalized with photos of relatives. In her statement, she explained that she had visited one of the city markets and at one point noticed that someone had stolen her jewelry from her bag, including necklaces, medals, rings, bracelets, earrings and rings. Jewels were pieces of jewelery and had a high value.

Police placed a police device inside the market to retrieve the stolen items and were able to retrieve all the jewelery of value, in addition to arresting the alleged thief. 5,000 euros by the victim

The detained woman already had a police record for similar thefts and was placed at the police’s disposal. Benidorm security court.

Service Citizen participation Benidorm National Police has established an operational plan to provide safety advice to citizens and more specifically to tourists visiting the tourist city. One of the most important police actions of the said plan is to provide information about the security measures that tourists should take to prevent them from becoming victims.

These Suggestions Services offered by the police:

  • In crowded areas (markets, shows, beach, pool, etc.)

  • Avoid showing off wealth or possessions.

  • Avoid gambling on the street.

  • Do not rely on questionable aids (warning of stains on clothes, vehicle breakdowns, etc.)

  • When you park, try to choose the busiest and brightest spots and areas within sight of the security camera.

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