They attack the homes of suspects in the death of Granada teenager

Mayor CryAntonio Salazar asked neighbors “calm” So that the images of this past Monday night of the municipality of Poniente de Granada are not repeated. different groups went to the houses of the suspects’ relatives. Violent death in a 19-year-old crowd fightcauses havoc and overturns cars at town festivals.

The mayor of Íllora told Europa Press, noting that the municipality spent the night peacefully. “calm tense”, she admitted, expecting the young man’s funeral to take place on Tuesday, which was scheduled for the afternoon. In addition, the City Council collects signatures so that events such as the events that ended this child’s life will not happen again, and will appear as a special prosecutor in the case.

explained it most Civil Guard keeps a special safety device for possible changes Just like what happened last Monday night, there were “very angry, very angry neighbors” added to those who initially went home after the rejection rally in front of the city hall. Relatives of the suspects who have not been in the municipality since last Monday morning.

In the framework of three days of official mourning, with the suspension of the patron saint festivities declared due to the death of the young man, Salazar noted: The majority of those who attended the rally were “totally calm, just wanting justice.”that this does not happen again and that these people go to court as soon as possible and that the entire burden of the law rests on them”.

still no arrests

this Tuesday morning still no arrestsyes ok Two suspects identifiedEmphasizing that he was informed that the Civil Guards passed the identity and data of these people in the “search and capture” to the rest of the security forces, the mayor also said that he did not know if there were any complaints about the destruction and overturned cars in the homes of relatives that some neighbors had entered.

The Civil Guard informed Europa Press that the young man is continuing their search to find the alleged murderer. Meanwhile, during the night when the City Council was back to normal, the Local Police worked alongside the cleaning and tidying duties and the security of the homes, Salazar said.

“out of town”

Other sources interviewed at the municipality told Europa Press: neighbors want members of this clan to be “out of town”A population of about 10,000, not from Íllora, would have been “scared” even though they had “settled” in the town some time ago.

The events were triggered by the death of a 19-year-old boy early last Monday after being the victim of a murder. attack in this town as part of the celebrations of major festivals. Specifically, in a frame Had he been fighting inside the fairground, the young man would have taken a blow when he fell to the ground, hitting his head on the pavement.

Shortly before 6:40 am, several people alerted emergency services that a young man was the victim of an attack on Diego de Siloé street in this Granada municipality, according to Europa Press sources from the combined emergency service 112 in Andalusia.

Members of the Civil Guard, Local Police and Health Emergency Company (EPES) 061 were mobilized, their doctors transported the injured man to the hospital in Granada, where he was admitted to the Traumatology field and already died.

Source: Informacion


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