Consell accelerates installation of solar power plants with processing of 177 files in state

The unstoppable rise in gas and electricity prices, which has tied both productive sectors and household economies, is now more than ever, bet on solar energy as one of the great solutions. And in this context, it looks like Generalitat has finally taken action to speed up the administrative permitting mechanism, which has so far progressed at a snail’s pace. With the hiring of 18 technicians, there are currently 453 solar power plant files being processed in the Community of Valencia as a whole. 177 from the province of Alicante.

Encouraged by the rise in prices, Consell, chaired by Ximo Puig, last March adopted a series of measures to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy sources in the Community as much as possible, also scheduled for 2030. Closure of the Cofrents nuclear power plantContributing to 40% of regional energy production, it is aimed to achieve self-sufficiency in this regard for that year alone.

The problem is that at that time and for some time, the projects of 319 photovoltaic plants were processing extraordinarily slow, 132 of them in the province of Alicante, and it was unsettling to the project owners who saw how it was. risking the nearly 100 million euros committed in the form of guarantees with electricity companies.

What has happened since then? As Economy Minister Rafa Climent explained, although there are still staffing issues, 18 technician recruitment With Tragsa, he made it possible to accelerate the processes by saying “let’s start the process as soon as the projects arrive”.

Therefore, there are currently 453 cases pending in the Community of Valencia as a whole. 6,154 megawatts of global power. Of these, 177 belong to the state of Alicante, which has a power of 2,184 megawatts; from 170 to Valencia, from 2,849; and from 106 to Castellón, from 1,120.

In the special case of the Alicante region, 32 projects are currently in the application phase and pending review, 45 have been accepted for processing, 55 are in the public disclosure stage and pending decision stage by the Environment and Landscape Departments, and seven projects have published an environmental impact report. Operations are complete and construction is pending, while six and three are operational. There are also 29 files that are rejected and therefore not allowed to be processed.

This is exactly one of the complaints raised by Rafa Climent. In her words, “we met countless projects with many technical failures, therefore, is an invaluable time lost during the work by the staff and then by the organizers themselves, who must correct them. For this reason, we ask companies to be more meticulous while preparing their offers.”

Besides the projects being processed by the Generalitat, there are also larger projects whose mandates correspond to the Ministry of Energy Transition.

Ivace helps industry improve energy efficiency

The Valencia Institute for Commercial Competitiveness (Ivace) will allocate six million euros to facilitate the introduction of energy saving and efficiency measures in Community industries. The aim of this program is to reduce consumption and therefore emissions of CO2 and other pollutants, thereby improving air quality. Minister Rafa Climent underlines that energy efficiency “has a fundamental role in reducing costs and we need to redouble our efforts to make it easier for companies to implement measures that allow them to reduce their energy consumption and therefore their bills.”

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