On the bench for the person in charge of a hotel in Ibi for a customer who fell into the elevator shaft

this Investigation brought to the counter A hotel manager in Ibi for him accident which company’s customer He fell into the elevator shaft. The Public Ministry accuses him of committing a crime. careless injury, thinking that he is responsible for elevator door manipulation this allowed the door to open instead of being locked, and the victim fell into the void. The alleged punishment payment of fine, as well as compensation to the victim for injuries caused by falling. Cause this summer came Alicante Criminal CourtA date is expected for the hearing to take place.

The events occurred on On the morning of 10 November 2020 at 08:05, in an organization san roque street from the region. The client was staying in a room on the fifth floor of the business and left to take the elevator that morning. the man who 72 years, opened the door and did not realize that the cabin was on his floor and fell into the void. The victim was located on the ground floor above the elevator cabin. Although he survived the crash, a court launched an investigation to determine the causes of the crash.

The results of these studies pointed to existence of negligence. The door of the elevator had been tampered with, so when the customer tried to enter the cabin, it could be opened even though it was on another floor instead of being locked. In the forensic investigation, it was determined that the reason why the door was not closed was the workplace supervisor. The indictment to which this newspaper has access does not consider whether the release resulted from the event. direct manipulation by the accused himself or having another person do it.

The victim, who was 72 years old at the time of the accident as a result of falling, suffered fractures between the ninth and twelfth left costal arch, with associated intrapleural lamellar hematoma, as well as fracture of the left transverse processes, compression of the upper plate, wound of the left parietal incision and sprain of the medial collateral ligament of the right knee. The victim needed first medical aid for his treatment and Orthopedic treatment between 90 and 180 days, According to the Public Ministry in the indictment.

The prosecutor’s office accepts the person responsible for the establishment as the perpetrator of the crime of injury due to carelessness and demands punishment for this crime. a twelve-month fine of six euros (1,260 euros) per day, Moreover Disqualification from hotel management for two years and payment of process costs. It also demands a payment compensation for victims of 10,734 euros for physical damage caused the victim. A criminal court in Alicante must now hold him in reserve for these events. It is also possible for the court to test the parties before an oral hearing is held to examine the possibility of reaching a decision. a suitability before the trial.

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