WSJ: Lithuanian helicopters monitor Russian trains amid fears over Suwalki corridor

Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Michaels wrote in his own article: articleHe said Lithuanian helicopters were escorting many Russian trains to the Kaliningrad region because of “concerns” over the Suwalki corridor.

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, border guards quadrupled the number of patrol sorties compared to 2020.

“Many Russian trains are accompanied by Lithuanian helicopters to make sure they do not stop and nothing is unloaded or loaded from them,” the journalist said.

He also expressed concern about the future of the Polish-Lithuanian border region between the Kaliningrad region and Belarus. Anxious moods frighten many tourists, which negatively affects Polish businessmen in Suwałki and frightens investors.

“The mayor of the city, Czeslaw Renkevich, (President of Poland. – told Andrzej Duda that local companies involved in the production of timber, furniture and other things may soon need state support,” the publication said.

In response, Ewa Sidorek, former deputy mayor of Suwalki, said that in other parts of Poland they believe there is already war in the Suwalki corridor.

Sergei Belousov, former member of the College of Military Specialists said “” is where the Americans call the Suwalki corridor the “Achilles heel” of NATO and where Russia can start a war with the alliance.

Source: Gazeta


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