The man who defrauded his girlfriend into believing that he was a Levante football player was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Fourth Chamber of Valencia County Court convicted two years in prison water seller fake to a man who cheated on a woman posing as a professional athleteto get him to pay. The room is also 7,500 euro compensation He said he had to pay the victim, who had been his girlfriend for several months. The sentence was acquitted of the crime of forgery of a commercial document, as this crime was not proven to have been committed, as he was also charged.

prisoner and victim They met in June 2017. partner networkHe and after a few conversations they started an emotional affair. Shortly after, the man from Las Palmas moved into his girlfriend’s house in a municipality in the province of Valencia.

House in Marbella and money in Andorra

According to the decision, convicted between July and September 2017 turned out to be a solver person and he told the victim that he had jobs in Marbella, lived in a luxurious urban environment, was a professional football player, and had large sums of money and bank deposits in Andorra and Spain.

To create this look, man He gave the victim a copy of a forged document called “professional football deal with Levante UD”., a bank statement containing your personal data and a bank statement with a balance of more than 96,000 Euros are also incorrect. The documents did not become part of the commercial traffic and were only shown to the victim as is. part of the scam.

on his pretext lack of liquidity The detainee asked the victim to give him up to 7,500 euros divided into various amounts, as there was time savings in the bank. return commitment.

In the sentence, the Chamber considers that the prisoner conceived the deception from the very beginning of the relationship, because when he contacted the injured party via social networks, he was interested in his economic situation and thought later whether he was working or not. “a successful businessman, mixing this aspect and the fake love that drives it at the same time” asking him for money.

The court adds that all the fraudulent maneuvers of the fake football player and businessman caused an error in the victim. believed in emotional relationship He said that they kept the money, but also their economic capacity and in return they agreed to give him the money. The sentence is not final and can be appealed in the Civil and Criminal Division of the High Court of Justice of the Commonwealth of Valencia.

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