‘Comando al sol’, ‘I won tonight’ and ‘Hermanos’ in today’s ‘prime time’

tonight i won‘Come back tonight telecinco (9:55) with its third installment. Edu Soto, Patricia Montero, Belinda Washington, Miriam Díaz-Aroca, La Terremoto de Alcorcón, Jorge González, Michelle Calvó, Rocío Madrid, Carlo Costanzia and Ricky Merino will meet again in the weekly competition proposed by this original format. The program will be hosted by Carolina Cerezuela and Christian Gálvez, who will be captains of a famous team and will also compete against each other in an amazing weekly test giving everything to celebrate their group’s victory.

one TVE is airing a new episode tonight’Sun Commander‘ (10:50 pm). On this occasion, the program cruises in the calm waters of the Castile Sea off the coast of La Alcarria. Reporters are grounded and breathing to explore the amazing Route of the Faces. They savor the flavors in style and enter an unknown monastery they call El Escorial de La Mancha. Heading north, they celebrate one of the hottest parties of summer in Soria. And they share with the residents of San Pedro Manrique the exhilarating experience of walking on hot coals. In an unexpected place in the interior of the peninsula is the Pantano de Alocén, better known as the Sea of ​​Castile. You can enjoy swimming and sailing in its waters. Spanish windsurfing champion Pilar Prieto from Guadalajara and a group of friends have revived an abandoned marine resort years ago.

For its part, a new chapter’Siblings‘tonight comes antenna 3 (10:45 am). On this occasion, Doruk declares his love for Asiye. She promises to stay in touch with him and wait for him, have a long distance relationship until they go to college and get together. When Orhan wakes up and finds out that his nephews have gone to another city, he runs to the station to escape from the hospital. He convinces them and they go back to the chicken coop.

SEALs, heroes of laSexta

sixth broadcast tonight for the seriesSix‘ (10:30). The fiction is based on the stories of the most elite special forces in the United States, both on and off the field. When the Navy sends the best, it sends the SEALs. When SEALs want to give their best, they entrust it all to the ‘SIX’ team. Therefore, the production focuses on the missions and daily lives of the members who are part of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), known as ‘SEAL Team Six’, one of the main US counterterrorism units. US Armed Forces.

four schedule new episodes of the fourth season9-1-1‘ (10:45 pm). On this occasion, patrol members go to rescue some workers trapped in a category 5 fire at a factory. Meanwhile, Maddie uncovers a painful family secret that makes Buck come to terms with his childhood and wonder why he’s such a reckless man today. In the second episode, the members of the emergency unit begin to believe in the fire station’s mythical superstition as they chain a strange succession of calls for help throughout the day: Athena is chasing a truck firefighter, a man is taping himself to a billboard, a garage is full of fireworks, and a restaurant owner. he’s ruining his job. Meanwhile, Eddie realizes that Christopher is attracted to a former teacher, and Bobby admits he may not be ready to move on with his private life just yet.

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