Juan Miguel it’s monday general mirrorTo talk about what happened to him at a well known macro festival in the Valencian Community. Karina’s hairdresser and ex-husband told the following on the morning show of Antena 3: He was the victim of an alleged injection of liquid ecstasy into one of his two arms to strip himself of it.

Felt like a prick but not from a big needle, it’s like insulin. I got dizzy and went home,” said Juan Miguel, adding that he had a fever and general illness that day.I couldn’t move from home“.

At the same time, the ‘GH Dúo’ and former entrant of ‘Hotel Glam’ also revealed that he went to the emergency room on Sunday for over seven hours, where he was admitted: “They did an analysis and now they’re going to get a checkup because I don’t know what they’re doing to me Market Stall”.

“The analysis shows that I was injected with ecstasy (liquid) and the other did not come out.. They check, so now I have to give my guts an injection every day for 14 days to get no disease, and then I get antibiotics,” Juan Miguel continued.

The famous hairdresser emphasized that he does not consume ecstasy and plans to report this to the Police, which is currently investigating around 60 puncture cases: “But I’m not gone yet.”