Sixth covid wave triggered absences in first quarter of year

in the first quarter of 2022 1,428,904 people missed their jobs every daya total of 1,135,385 of them did so for medical reasons, The latest report on absenteeism by Randstad Research. The numbers reveal 20% and 27% growth, respectively, compared to the previous quarter.

Two sectors concentrate the majority of the activities with the lowest absenteeism: information and scientific and technical activities. The other side of the coin is presented by healthcare workers who are more exposed to the consequences of the omicron variant of the coronavirus and therefore have absentee levels well above the national average.

“Broad absenteeism”, that is, unjustified loss of 7.1% and 1.4% of hours agreed with the company, which included both temporary incapacity for work and unjustified absences for a medical reason, as well as sick leave.

In absolute terms, only 293,519 workers missed their jobs in the first quarter of this year, so if there are currently around 20 million workers according to INE data, only 1.4% missed their job for unjustified reasons. The remainder was due to sick leave, maternity, paternity or breastfeeding leave and temporary disability.

health professionals

Sectoral analysis shows a large distribution in absenteeism. Among the ten with the highest percentage are health activities (11.4%) and assistance in housing (11.3%).

Both sectors draw attention from the center for work towards the labor market, there is a clear reason for the absences: the sixth wave of the coronavirus. At the beginning of 2022, infections multiplied and healthcare workers were once again the most exposed professionals.

computer related activities

Within the ‘top 14’ of sectors with the lowest absenteeism in the first quarter of 2022 (i.e. not exceeding 4.9%), we find sectors related to employment and programming, consulting and other computer-related activities, Experts at only 3.6% of agreed hours he was absent. The table is complemented by the business consulting industry (4%) and architecture and engineering (4%). Total, Absenteeism rate is below 4.9% in 14 sectors.

At the opposite pole, among the most deficient those working in the gambling and betting industry, with 10.7%. With a percentage of 10.6%, there are non-residential social services that are responsible for both personal and family counseling. The absenteeism rate in Public Administration, Defense and Compulsory Social Security is 9.6%.

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