The television consumption of Spaniards in July was 2 hours 50 minutes.

this The total television consumption of Spaniards in July was 2 hours and 50 minutes per person per day.According to a report by Barlovento Comunicación, it is 18 minutes less (-10%) than in July of last year.

Research collected by Europa Press highlights that linear television consumption is 164 minutes (96% of the total), while Spaniards watch television with an average delay of 6 minutes (4% of the total).

For targets, Spaniards who watch the most television per day are women by gender (average 3 hours 03 minutes per day) and over 64 years of age (average 5 hours 02 minutes per person per day).

Likewise, the report states that the daily consumption time of viewers who watch television every day is 4 hours and 53 minutes a day, 15 minutes less than last year.

As for daily unique viewers (cumulative viewers), It communicates with 26.5 million Spanish television media every day, This represents 57.9% of the population. The number of unique viewers per month reached 42.3 million, meaning 92.5% of the population watched at least one minute of television this month.

Latter, In July 2022, 3 hours 22 minutes (202 minutes) were spent per person per day on television use (traditional television and other uses).12 minutes less than the same month last year.

Finally, as a consumer universe, 3,412,000 people out of 45.7 million potential viewers have not been connected to the media for a minute in a month, these “phones” making up 7.5% of the total.

Source: Informacion


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