The cost of flights has risen 50% this summer amid a storm of cancellations due to strikes

Flight prices have risen between 40 percent and 50 percent this summer, depending on destination, as a storm of cancellations swept through the saturation of some airports in Europe and some companies’ pilots, cabin crew and ground staff went on strike. RyanairEasyJet, Lufthansa or British Airways (the second is in preparation). The trials threaten to ruin the vacations of thousands of travelers during the summer months when tourism is booming after a two-and-a-half-year pandemic. this Spanish travel agencies They hit July and August 2019 sales levels this summer after a poor start to the year. Most requested trips Caribbean, New York Y West Europe, as required, as required Eva Blasco, Vice President of the European Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (ECTAA).

Blasco, CEO of Europa Travel, He realizes that the series of strikes complicates the job of Spanish agencies, who lose hours every day trying to reschedule their clients’ trips. Although the directive reminds that flight prices start at very low prices in July and August, they increase “between 40% and 50%”. The airlines attributed the increase in flight costs to the increase in the cost of fuel, despite the fact that most people have already covered this event as they purchase kerosene on future contracts.

Vice President of the European Travel Agencies Association He underlines that although the Spanish market is very book-oriented at the last minute and some customers withdraw when they see problems with the flights, the planes are very full this summer. Apart from cancellations and delays, some airlines had to cancel their operations due to difficulties in implementing the tariff (such as Lufthansa, which canceled 3,100 flights this summer).

Demand boom Europe It has been a challenge for airlines and airports, which must quickly adapt their capacities after at least two years. This reactivation has also mobilized employee labor demands. ryanair, EasyJetBritish Airways, Air France and group Lufthansa. Added to this were pauses in French air control, which made traffic to or from Spain difficult.


Last Wednesday, Lufthansa took 130,000 passengers off its plane. Frankfurt center and for the cancellation of 1,023 flights due to the company’s ground workers’ strike. EasyJet pilots They called for three 72-hour strikes in August, as the company refused to restore pre-pandemic working conditions. cabin crew Ryanair They announced new stops at ten Spanish bases, Monday through Thursday, from August 8 to January 9. British Airways pilots They are preparing a strike for this August.

Despite the noise caused by the protests of the air personnel and the rise in ticket prices, the Spaniards began traveling abroad after their two-year plans were canceled by the pandemic. Eva Blasco points out that there is a great demand for trips to western countries. Europe What England, France and Italy. “They also work very well. Caribbean, New York and cruise ships,” he assures Blasco. However, destinations such as Poland and even Germany they are not sold because of the war Ukraine” he warns.

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