Fried egg is fried by itself, the lamp works without a wire. What to do if a neighbor assembles a microwave gun

Civil engineer Roman Matsukov told that about a week ago, his pregnant wife noticed heated floors in their apartment on General Antonov Street in southwest Moscow. At first he suggested that the wiring was responsible and that the floor was heating up due to damaged insulation.

“We found a guy who took a measurement from an advertisement on the Internet, came and learned with the help of a device that the microwave range scales with us. We didn’t understand what was going on, but we found these emissions to occur at literally 2-3 minute and 5 minute intervals. It seemed strange to us, ”said Matsukov.

According to the man, he began to search the Internet for information about what such a source of radiation could be in a city apartment and found instructions for self-assembly of a magnetron – a microwave radiation generator used in a conventional microwave. furnaces. Matsukov suggested that such a device was made by his neighbor due to a long-standing conflict.

“Roughly speaking, you can independently assemble a magnetron using a magnetron found in a microwave oven. Make a guide, everything is in the public domain.

Even a child who knows more or less how to solder can assemble a magnetron and irradiate it.

And, of course, I was shocked, ”said the author of the video.

Matsukov explained that the conflict with a neighbor began at the end of last year, when he and his family moved to this apartment. The downstairs neighbor complained about the noise of the running boy and asked him to keep quiet while working at home. Roman then bought new flooring to drown out the noise, but the neighbor was still unhappy.

“After a while, the doorbell rings again, again the neighbor, already standing on the threshold with a police team. And especially that we create noise, that it is impossible for him to live in an apartment, we are unbearable neighbors, very noisy, etc.

The police officers did not find any violations of the law and refused to take statements.

“His next step was in April when he realized he couldn’t fix the problem with the police. It took vibrocolumns sticking to the stove – there is such an effect that vibration is transmitted to the stove, and the stove itself begins to make noise. I mean, it’s quiet in his apartment, but noisy in ours. He turned on the white noise first, then the ticking of the clock, but my wife didn’t react to it,” he continued.

After discovering the source of radiation in his apartment, Roman contacted the police. At the same time, he showed law enforcement the same experiment, which, according to him, was captured on video.

“When we called the police team, we showed them that our omelettes on the floor were fried by themselves, and then we brought a fluorescent lamp and the radio was on.

They were shocked, they thought we were playing with them. The team looked at us with round eyes.

But all they did was come down to him, he didn’t open the door for them and they left. They got our application and everything. After they left, I squeaked with a chair and the source opened again,” he recalls.

“Bullshit is everything”

Rospotrebnadzor approached the story of Muscovites with distrust, because the department receives dozens of complaints from people who allegedly “irradiated” every day. Microwave radiation can be detected only with the help of special devices, Andrei Guskov, deputy head of the sanitary inspection department of Rospotrebnadzor, told

“It’s all nonsense. It is impossible to measure the radiation level with a finger, you need equipment, the equipment is expensive. Therefore, the only way out is to invite a duly accredited laboratory to make such measurements. Absolutely nothing to say unless there is a measure. Instrumental measurements Without it, no other indirect indicator says anything,” he said.

He noted that it is really possible to harm health with the help of a magnetron from a microwave oven, but it is impossible to do this from the ceiling of a residential building. “Reinforced concrete is the same curtain,” the expert said.

The specialist Svyatoslav, who made measurements at the request of Roman Matsukov, admitted that his experiments could not be considered professional. What it usually does is find cracks in walls where cold air enters using a thermal imager. He encountered a similar effect for the first time in his practice.

“I turned on the thermal imager, pointed it at the ground, and found a 16 cm diameter circle whose temperature differs from the ground surface by 10-15 degrees. I mean, it was hot.

I brought the thermal camera closer here, but the thermal camera malfunctioned and burned.

And I have a device with me to detect devices like cell phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. A universal device designed to determine the radiation of a cellular network. I decided to turn on the device and the scale was broken. This device is not designed to detect microwave, but as I understand microwave affects this spectrum in which devices work. And then simple experiments with a mercury bulb and an egg on the floor on a plate, ”said Svyatoslav.

According to him, if you raise your hand from the ground, it will heat up.

“The experiments we did were amateurish, but on a basic level, it made us realize that there is something that can remotely heat and fry scrambled eggs. This should be checked by qualified experts with proven special devices that detect microwave radiation. I think this should be done by the government radio frequency center. I wrote them a letter, they said they could measure it. ” said.

“Not a phone call”

Lawyer Vasily Vorobyov told that even if Roman Matsukov’s accusations against his neighbor are confirmed, there are not many mechanisms to deal with such actions of neighbors. The law does not allow forced inspection of a person’s home and there are no sanctions for such acts either in the Criminal Code or the Code of Administrative Offenses.

“Arguments that it can be harmful are useless if there is no proven harm. You can claim compensation for moral and material damage. But only if the damage was actually detected and the source of the damage was found to be in the neighbor’s apartment. People often come to me with a situation where they believe their neighbors are being bullied. As a rule, these are people’s speculations, and suspicions are not justified, ”the author said.

A reporter contacted a Muscovite whom Roman Matsukov accused of creating a magnetron, but said “this is not a phone call”.

“First of all, you have to deal with law enforcement, not some newspapers. Such problems cannot be solved through the newspaper. I have answers to all questions but not just through the newspaper, it must be different somehow. I don’t approve or deny anything over the phone. There are no complaints about me at the moment, so I will not defend anything now,” he said.

He didn’t answer questions about his upstairs neighbor’s suspicions.

Moscow resident Roman Matsukov showed a video in the kitchen of his apartment, where scrambled eggs are being cooked on the floor and a fluorescent lamp is lit without being connected to a power source. Matsukov claims that after a conflict over noise in the apartment, the downstairs neighbor is to blame, who created a radiation source (magnetron, “microwave gun”) from a household microwave oven and now directs it to the ceiling. Rospotrebnadzor reported that the radiation of a conventional microwave could not penetrate the concrete floor and recommended that measurements be made with certified equipment. And the lawyer explained that even if he actually assembled the magnetron, it would not be easy to bring the neighbor to justice.

Source: Gazeta


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