Arrested for tips, police invented a case to search for data on his bodyguard

this assistant inspector of the narcotics group, he was arrested for Companions for the so-called warning about the raids to be carried out in his town Son Banya devised a system to not attract attention and at the same time to control data affecting the individual he is protecting. To achieve his goal, he invented an investigation that logically focused on the fight against drug trafficking and even christened it with a name, but this was not true. It was the perfect excuse to sneak into the Police computer system, where all the information was centrally located, and find out. If a member of the “El Langa” clan is involved in any incident police investigation. The assistant inspector gained the support and respect of both his superiors and his bandmates. None of them suspected that he could devote himself to reporting drug traffickers. They are Banya, to give them time to get rid of the drugs they can sell in town.

Police officers investigating and arresting their colleagues, at the very least, It hacked into the computer system four times. He did this through the computer folder he had explicitly created for his invented research. These entries were made in a very short time.This coincided with efforts to deliver the final blow to the Last Banya traders, whose operation should be brought forward after the tip-off was confirmed. The invention of this investigation was also confirmed by the investigators who took the statements of the narcotics group leader and therefore the chief inspector, who said that he knew nothing about the incident. The detained official was promoted.

This inspector, who was suspended from his job and salary, was summoned by the judge in the case a few days ago. After being arrested by his colleagues, he was immediately released, accused of revealing secrets. The judge expanded the list of crimes attributed to him, as he was also charged with bribery and drug trafficking.

While it is true that there is no convincing evidence, police investigators suspect that his partner received a financial reward for informing the “El Langa” clan. A member of this family from town came to imply this payment. a phone call interrupted by police.

It was he who admitted that he knew he was being investigated because a friend of the police had told him so. This tip gave him enough time to get out of this situation. drugs He was hiding it in his home, which he hastily sold, in the last town of Banya.

The police officer being investigated is currently on release, but the judge granted bail on bail. 3,000 euros to prevent him from going to prison. It doesn’t look like he’ll have any trouble raising that money. The assistant inspector told the judge that it was not true that he had previously reported to the trafficker that he was under investigation. However, he could not explain why he was meeting with a member of the “El Langa” clan at a bar in the sa Indioteria district.

The narcotics investigator refrains from any professional activity while waiting for the investigation to develop.

Police sources insisted it was a one-time case. It was discovered by the police themselves.

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