11 arrested in Malaga for carrying marijuana and marijuana in a thermos

Civil police arrested eleven persons belonging to a criminal organization carrying marijuana Y give a stimulant From Spain to Central Europe, hidden in water thermoses, put together 202 kilos of marijuana and 100 cannabis.

The so-called Zeleno operation, an organization of the Civil Guard, located in Malagaconsisting of Central Europeans and North Africans, He may be carrying hidden drugs in water thermoses from the south of Spain to different European countries.

Agents who continued their investigations were able to confirm this. members of the organization bought a lot of marijuana and marijuana that they are transported in convoys, in vehicles that provide security, and even in some ships.

They then stored the drugs in legal shipping cargoes on these ships. Prepare the tools for the organization He had a workshop in San Pedro de Alcántara in Marbella; and a warehouse in Lucena (Córdoba). Additionally, to cover up their logistical duties, they had a company in charge of a figure formed for this purpose.

As a result of the investigation, it was possible to know the roles of each of the components of the organization. There were people on one side. performed administrative duties, other persons responsible for the transportation and storage of drugs in legal cargo, a group of people carried the narcotics from where they came to safe ships and finally there were those who did the nursery business.

For this reason, He made entrance and search work in 14 houses, Seven top-of-the-line vehicles intervening, two ‘enclosed’ plantations (under the roof), a pistol, a bulletproof vest, and plenty of technical police gear that organizations use to rob other establishments, often known as tipping.

The Civil Guards, carried out by OCON-SUR, succeeded in eliminating a criminal organization with this operation. carried about 200 kilos of marijuana and 200 marijuana per month It had the ability to transfer from Andalusia to Central Europe and other establishments.

Source: Informacion


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