Costa Blanca starts August at full mark and with 1.2 million vehicles on its roads

August starts with good prospects. More than half of the hotels on the Costa Blanca (150) have their full signposted In practice, this weekend, which coincides with the first of the August holidays, the holiday exit came early, with the feature that starts on Monday but 30 and 31 July are Saturday and Sunday. more than a million vehicle will circulate on provincial roads Even during the weekend starting at 15:00 this Friday, the AVE and Long Distance trains connecting Madrid and Barcelona have very few seats left at the airport, as the trains have doubled their capacity (43,000 seats in total). , a great test to gauge the size of the holiday “check-in” operation, record year 2019 has 1,263 flights (230,000 passengers), 91% scheduled for the same period from 29 July to 1 August.

Inside BenidormOut of a hotel factory of 140 businesses, only 61 hotels had vacant rooms this Friday. Few and expensive as it can be verified on major internet portals and approved by employers Hosbeck.

The average occupancy rate was around 90% and it is technically possible to say it was completed with an extra five points. Inside AlicanteOn weekends, another of the “hot” spots of the summer months, the occupancy rate of many hotels was 95 percent. Calp, Xàbia, Denia, Guardamar, Santa Pola and among other destinations, st john beach, According to the Provincial Hotels Association. As an example of a good weekend to start August, symbolic In Montiboli, La Vila, It has a 95% occupancy rate. They were hoping to get a full house in Benidorm because “Low Festival”. Touristic apartments for rent were 90% full yesterday, a normal situation for weekends.

Average occupancy estimate for beachfront hotels Valencian Community for the august part 81.69%, representing an increase 15.9 points compared to the initial estimate in August 2021. This is due to a survey conducted by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana on a representative sample of hotel establishments. Regional Tourism Secretary Francesc Colomer explained that the forecasts show. “There is dynamism in the industry” and showed that we are “on the way to recovery”, adding that they are “a good sign of tourist loyalty” to the Valencia Community destination.

Colomer noted that “these data clearly reflect the recovery of the industry” as it showed 16 points more than August 2021, which was “not a bad month”. He also stressed that there are “estimates of closed bookings” that need to be added to last-minute bookings. “always impresses”.

Survey data, hotels in the area Alicante coastlineAn invasion, not including Benidorm 77.84%, That’s 9.1 points more than the forecast for August 2021. Benidorma job prediction 87%, lor the same month of the previous year is 22 points above. And the estimated 75% estimate for the city of Valencia is 14.8 percentage points higher than in the same month of the previous year. In addition, the survey shows that indoor hotels expected 65.8% occupancy in August, representing a 24.3 percentage point increase over 2021.

Regarding other types of accommodation, it’s worth noting that campgrounds started this month with 95% occupancy in cabins and 85% on plots, representing 5% and 10% year-over-year growth. , respectively.

On your own behalf tourist apartments they put their forecast for this August over 86.8%, 15.9% higher than their August 2021 forecast. Alicante coast, not counting Benidorm, 86.14%, 13.5% more than in August last year. In addition, the occupancy estimate for tourist apartments in Benidorm is 85%, which is 40% higher than the forecast for the previous year.

Vehicle traffic yesterday once again made parking impossible in Benidorm. David’s Revenge

this General traffic direction For the second special operation ‘Salida del 1 de Agosto’ this summer, it forecasts 6.9 million trips by road. It will continue until Monday, August 1, at 15:00 and 12:00.. During the month of August, the estimate is 49 million trips.

As reported by the Presidency Peter NavarroTraffic will install reversible and additional lanes with cones and sections on certain roads at peak traffic times to facilitate road mobility; It will create and signal alternative routes and dynamic signaling via 2,200 variable message panels of the main traffic variables: travel times, alternative routes, events on the road, etc.

i know too will paralyze businesses affecting roads The organization of sports competitions and other events on all roads will be limited in order to minimize the impact on traffic on days of summer round-trip operation.

Same way, will restrict the movement of trucks Any event, which ensures the most active transportation of dangerous goods and vehicles requiring special permission at certain times of the day, will be reported on social networks with the hashtags #VeranoSeguro and #Bilmek through the informative bulletins of radio stations. is to start avoiding this on the internet and 011 phone.

there is traffic 780 cruise control radar92 of which are departments; 545 mobile radars that can be installed on ATGC vehicles; 12 helicopters equipped with the Pegasus speed measurement system; 245 cameras usually installed on verandas; 15 pickup trucks; 12 helicopters; and 23 of the 39 drones that DGT can use have a reporting capacity. DGT also has unmarked vehicles and motorcycles to navigate all kinds of roads.

Controls will be intensified at any time of the day and on any road to remove people who drink alcohol or other drugs and drive from circulation. In addition, a special surveillance and awareness campaign will be carried out during the week of 8 August. According to the Memory of Toxicological Findings in 2021 Traffic Accident Victims, Presence of psychotropic substances detected in half of deceased drivers.

A tourist relaxes in a Benidorm hotel pool this week David’s Revenge

DGT has the Traffic Group of the Civil Guards, officials from 7 traffic management centers, expert technical personnel, employees of protection companies and emergency service personnel; all will work these days so drivers are a safe travel.

“We have everything to make the millions of planned journeys go smoothly and safely, but to achieve this we need the responsibility of each and every one of the road users. On the excusebecause after an accident, nothing will ever be the same again,” said Pere Navarro.

To prevent accidents, Traffic recommends observing speed limits and maintaining a safe distance; do not drive if he has consumed alcohol or drugs; turn off your cell phone if you are going to drive; wear your seat belt correctly and keep minors in child restraint systems; stop every two hours to rest on long journeys and pay special attention to vulnerable users: drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

new rules

News: They humiliate 6 points for using handheld cell phone devices while driving; Failure to use seat belts, child restraint systems, helmets and other mandatory protection elements or improperly made 4 points is deducted from the probability that cars and motorcycles will exceed 20 km/h speed limit on conventional roads while overtaking on other roads. Vehicles.

Underage drivers driving any vehicle may not drive with an alcohol level above 0.0, both in the blood and in the air they breathe. It is an invariable violation, it remains classified as very serious. On roads with more than one lane in each direction, it is imperative to change lanes completely while continuing on the road. overtaking bikers or mopeds. Also, 6 points to be deducted when overtaking cyclists who endanger or obstruct without leaving the mandatory minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

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