Several Instagram users denounce fake accounts advertised by stealing their photos

While preparing this article, a question was asked on social media: ‘Has it happened to anyone that they steal their identity and photos from social networks to create fake profiles and promote sexual content on apps like OnlyFans?‘. The message was published in hopes of gaining more testimony to accompany anyone following these lines, but the surprise was that in just one day, dozens of people admitted to having suffered from this event or knew someone who suffered.

Maria (made-up name to protect his identity) experienced this a few months ago. He started with warnings from his acquaintances and followers who wrote to him: “It’s you?”. A message followed by a link to an Instagram profile. Mary did Click And where the link took him gave him a chill: “They took a picture from my profile and created an account with my name and photos.

was there stories of the two pixel people having sex and the typical ‘click here’”, explains victim of identity theft on social networks. “Middle I was very embarrassed. There was a video of two people making love in the stories and it was pixelated. You might think it was anyone, it just seemed superfluous and too powerful,” she says. After Levante-EMV notified the National Police and the Instagram app itself that it was not the creator of this fake profile. Two days later they deleted it.

“It’s very unpleasant to have your photo stolen and turned into something sexualized”

“When they access your content and put it on another profile, whatever they want, it’s never pretty. It’s so distasteful for a photo of her to be stolen and turned into something sexualized.because they’re posting it on another page out of context, which makes them present your image with another intent that isn’t yours.”

Maria’s first reaction was “too scared”.. “Not because it’s a page, but because of that. I did not know to what extent they had access to my account and was afraid that they might deactivate my account.”. The second thing he did tell all your friends to report the account. then gone Police station.

After filing the complaint, he continued to surf the social network and found a way to contact the company and show: by posting a photo of himself and the id with the fake account He was indeed a scammer. “Next day they disabled the profilebut I think the possibility of proving that this person is you should be more visible on Instagram, it was difficult for me to find him and that is what ultimately led them to disable the fake account,” he explains.

The profile you reported promoted sexual content on other apps posing like her. “They told me at the police station that they sometimes steal photos of girls and set up fictitious pages so users drop by, click on the link, and then ask them for money to access content that doesn’t exist,” he says. Think about “what if”s.

“What if I don’t find out? The fake account asked for friendship from all my friends on the networks. When he found out about the fake profile with his name and photo, he said, “I was hysterical. It had never happened to me and worst of all, I didn’t know how far they could go.

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