Teenager who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend in Pontevedra lured him home on the pretext of returning the money

The abduction and sexual assault of a woman in a home shocked the residents of the town of Pontevedra. porrinoMFR, 26, who allegedly abducted him, is reportedly from where he is, already in preventive detention and has not been released on bail.

The address where the events took place belonged to the attacker’s sister. he lured the victim to this flat in Porriño on the pretext of returning the 400 euros he owed him; I had a debt with this when they were both a couple. The man even sent her a photo with the money to lend credibility to a trap that was the trigger for six days of terror, because when the young woman got home, her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t let her go, and she even told him. He said he didn’t care about the legal consequences of ending his life. “I don’t care if I kill you, he’ll be in prison for another five years”He would tell his ex-girlfriend.

The man has been wanted for a year and a half and has been charged with several robberies and was related to a similar incident that occurred in Ponteareas a month ago. Allegedly, he is detaining another young minor woman against her will in a house in the Confurco area.. Despite chaining the little boy, he managed to escape and reported the events to the Civil Guard, who when he got home only found the individual’s documents and personal belongings.

With the suspicion that the youth who escaped from justice may be in the region, The Porriño Local Police made several searches of their vehicle in case relatives were covering it up.. However, no one was aware that the MFR was in Porriño.

had The handwritten notes stated that the victim, who was his ex-girlfriend, had thrown the window of the apartment where he was being held, thus helping to locate his whereabouts. and set the woman free. In this sense, citizen cooperation of the neighbor who found the note and dialed 112, and the work of the Porriño Local Police and Civil Guard were essential to avoid a tragic end.

perfect policing

Daniel Rodriguez, Chief Inspector of the Porriño Local Police, Emphasizes excellent police performance with all the risks this entails. First, they confirmed that the information provided by the woman in her assistance note not only matched the details of the fugitive, but also found a disappearance report filed days earlier by the victim’s family; then they called the kidnapper’s sister because they knew she was the owner of the house and then They threw the door down, not knowing if the man had been warned by his relative. But the young man was asleep (it was 7 in the morning), he shrunk smoothly and “showed no remorse.”

in another room They found the victim completely frightened and bruised. because she resisted being sexually coerced by her ex-partner, who already had a restraining order against her.

Now, after avoiding jail time for a year and a half, Porriñés MFR adds to his open case with justice for injuries and robberies, illegal detention crimes, illegal assault and injuries.

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