Mossos already has 14 complaints about nightclub punctures

There are already 14 complaints for punctures in Mossos d’Esquadra As this newspaper found out, in the nightlife venues in Catalonia. It belonged to a girl who was most recently attacked at the Arena nightclub in Barcelona in the early hours of Tuesday-Wednesday. Of the 14 reported attacks by the Catalan police today, 13 were directed against women. -one is temporary, because the young woman caught the attacker before she managed to inject anything into herself- and one to a man. One of the key elements this practice is investigated for, in addition to collecting recordings from building cameras to find clues, is the statement made by the attacker’s victim. According to Mossos sources, in no case did the cucumber precede sexual assault or theft.

All the victims are young and the attacks take place in a party setting, the punctures are usually in the arm or thigh, but there is also a victim who has been injected with an unspecified substance into his back. As this paper found out, the first case Mossos knew was, On the night of 10 July in Lloret de Mar. Between this town and neighboring Blanes, 11 out of 14 cases are concentrated. The remaining three occurred in Barcelona.

In the cases known to date, all victims have reported dizziness of varying intensities, among other symptoms. Examples of all of them are being examined before a conclusion is reached. Only one has results and – as Catalan police pointed out – nothing was found due to the time elapsed between injection and analysis. That’s why they insist, movement speed is key in these situations. What researchers are clear is that a hitherto unknown substance was injected into the victims.

Source: Informacion


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