In Kherson, a group of Ukrainian agents opened up, correcting the fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian security forces detained Ukrainian agents who corrected rocket and artillery fire at the Russian Armed Forces in Kherson. This has been reported DEA News” Referring to an employee of one of the Russian power structures.

The information received from the agents was transmitted to the Ukrainian army, which, at the specified coordinates, carried out pinpoint missile attacks on equipment clusters and personnel of the Russian troops.

One of the agents detained during filming at a military facility said the group was led by a woman whose photos were provided by the agency. According to the prisoner, the man was paid 550 hryvnia – about 1.4 thousand rubles – for data on the coordinates of the deployment of Russian troops.

Previously reportedHe said that an agent from the special services of Ukraine was detained in Kherson, who transmitted the coordinates of the Russian checkpoints for a monetary reward.

According to the agency, the man born in 2002 was hired at the end of February. For money, he collected data on checkpoints of Russian troops. He was detained during the curfew on July 4th. Security forces found incriminating correspondence on his phone during the search. The prisoner then began to confess.

Source: Gazeta


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