Sentenced to one year and four months in Barcelona for beating his co-worker for his sexual orientation

The Barcelona Court condemned One year and four months in prison for two men who beat and left them on a vacant lot in Badalona (Barcelona) To a co-worker who mocked him for being gay after going to the party in October 2018.

According to a sentence reached by Efe, Episode 21 proved that BHG and RRR kicked and punched the victim several times yelling “faggot” until they knocked him down.

The court also sentenced the two defendants to two fines. prohibition of approaching more than 1,000 meters and communicating with the victim for a period of four years exceeding the prison sentence, up to a total of 2,040 eurosalso to compensate the victim with 1,200 euros.

Both defendants were convicted a related crime fundamental rights and public liberties, another against moral integrity, and also for minor injury.

The sentence is slightly lower prosecutor’s request demanded one year and nine months imprisonment for the two defendants.

The court acquitted the third defendant, a colleague, of these crimes.had a heated argument and made homophobic commentsalthough they fined him 360 euros for a minor misconduct offense.

According to the victim at the hearing, on the night of 6-7 October 2018, the manager and employees of the company he worked for had dinner and went out. The nightlife area of ​​the Barcelona Olympic Port.

According to the complainant, at around 5 am, they returned home in a taxi and two cars, but on the way.argued with the third defendant affected; They got out of the car with a lot of tension between them and even violent attitudes. and some homophobic shouts against the complainant.

The discussion took place near the house of the manager of the company where they all worked. he said he was already at home with his girlfriend and went downstairs to break them up like his other co-workers.

The victim said that at that moment he was alone with the two defendants.they kept insulting, kicking and punching because he was gay, even when he fell to the ground, it stunned him in the industrial area of ​​Badalona where everything was happening.

A mosso d’esquadra of the unit assisting the victim said in detail at the hearing: They found the boy on the Badalona promenade next to the train tracks in a state of nervousness and anxiety that made it impossible to communicate with him.

Source: Informacion


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