Monegal’s criticism | “I would abide by the sentence and my life would be over”

The news of the A-3 TV channel most reflected and most prominent was Andalusia’s ERE case, where the Supreme Court upheld the conviction. On the news at 15.00 and 21.00. It was the opening theme. They gave him a broad, intense, sharp treatment.

In the other major chain of the Atresmedia group, La Sexta, the density decreased. They brought the subject up naturally, but less vigorously. Without taking the subject to extraordinary dimensions. The exciting thing about this television empire: it has two networks and each one shows you what’s going on according to its own diopter.

I would like to highlight a moment from A-3 TV that seems important to me. After scrutinizing the sentence in depth, they stood by the case, placing the faces of the 14 most important inmates on the set’s big screen. José Antonio Grinan Former head of the Junta de Andalucía, former minister, former head of the PSOE and sentenced to six years in prison.

And using the archive they embedded that tremendous moment for us, that interview on Onda Cero on March 21, a radio moment later recorded by cameras to create the usual television synergy. When did it happen get carlos He asked him – I repeat on March 21 – what he would do if the Supreme Court upheld the conviction. Y grinning, With a sad face, he replied, “If that happens, I have no choice but to abide by the sentence and my life will be over.” Then there was a tense pause. Y grinning “I’ll be 76 years old… What’s left at that age?” he added. Ah! A great radio silence pervaded that moment.

Now it’s even more disturbing when seen on TV. This retransmission of your tragic words grinning, It’s been overturned from 4 months ago, it seems controversial to me when the penalty has already been finalized. I am not in favor of using television to enjoy the misfortune of someone who is already in a fallen state.

In one of his first non-fiction novels Tom Wolfe – a stance for some, the father of new journalism for others – titled ‘Lysergic acid punch’ (1968), he writes: “We are all doomed to watch the movie of our life”. He says nothing about whether it should be television that shows the film to his liking. In any case, an interesting discussion is offered.

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